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Talent Retention

Strategies to Keep the Best People

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Skilled people are the core of a successful business. This practical book reveals how leading companies tackle retention and gives you five proven methods to inspire the best talent to stay with you.
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  1. About the Author
  2. The Strategic Value Of Talent
  3. Introduction
    1. Overview
    2. Who Needs This Book?
    3. What Is The Competition For Talent? 
    4. The Return On Investment Of Talent Retention 
    5. Recap: The Strategic Value Of Talent 
  4. Build The Business On People Talent 
    1. Problem: Skill Shortage 
    2. What Leading Organisations Do
    3. Value Your Talent 
    4. Winning Approaches To Keep Talent   
    5. Talent Ecosystem   
    6. Recap: Build The Business On Talent   
  5. Why People Stay With A Company 
    1. What Makes People Stay? 
    2. What Makes People Leave? 
    3. What Is Labour Turnover?   
    4. Track The Reasons Why Staff Leave 
    5. Recap: Why People Stay With A Company 
  6. Map Talent Across The Organisation
    1. Who Are The Talent?   
    2. Spot Star Performers 
    3. Interrogate The Staff Data 
    4. Map Talent In The Company 
    5. Create A Talent Pool 
    6. Focus On Talent Positioning 
    7. Metaphor Of Talent Retention 
    8. Recap: Map Talent Across The Organisation 
  7. Effective Reward And Career Development 
    1. Invest In Talent Development 
    2. The Impact Of Pay On Retention
    3. Create Talent Development Programmes
    4. Find Out What Staff Value 
    5. Encourage Talent To Stay 
    6. Apply What Works In Your Context 
    7. Recap: Effective Reward And Career Development
  8. Practical Action To Keep The Best 
    1. The Future Depends On People Talent 
    2. Five Strategies To Make Retention Work In Practice
    3. Take Action To Retain Your Talent 
    4. Recap: Practical Action To Keep The Best People 
  9. Endnotes

You want talented people who choose to stay with your company. Talent is a top priority to sustain business growth in a global market. This excellent book gives you practical solutions to find and keep highly skilled people. Discover what methods leading companies currently use – they offer a meaningful job, a good manager and a great workplace - to inspire their valuable talent to stay. This book helps you in simple steps to keep the best in the business. So, learn the five proven strategies to make your company the place for exceptional people to stay.

About the Author

Margaret Mackay is a recognised expert in talent management and leadership development. She is an award-winning author of numerous articles in prestigious journals. A university business academic, Margaret is a highly experienced professional in human resources. She is passionate about improving the quality of people management and for this reason leads workshops on talent development.

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About the Author

Margaret Mackay