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Succeeding as an Introvert

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Despite living in an extroverted world, introverts can be successful in their life and career. This book will help introverts to understand and use their introverted nature to be successful.
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Introversion is not a deficiency or problem that needs to be “fixed.” Introversion is one of the basic dimensions of personality and exists on a continuum. Most people, however, are a mix of both personality types. As an introvert, you may feel out of place in a world “designed” for extroverts. This book will show you how to embrace your quiet, reflective side. You will learn to welcome solitude, be assertive in declining social invitations, and allow yourself time to be thoughtful, contemplative, and intellectual. You should be proud to be an introvert. Now learn to use it to be successful!

About the Author

John J. Liptak is an internationally-recognized author with thirty years of work experience providing counseling. He has authored over 100 workbooks with Ester Leutenberg, 31 career assessment instruments, and ten books. John earned an Ed.D. in Counselor Education from Virginia Tech. He lives in Radford, Virginia, in the United States and is President of the Center for Career Assessment, Inc. John has written eight books for Bookboon.

  • About the Author
  • Preface
  1. What is An Introvert?
    1. Introduction
    2. Introvert Self-Assessment
    3. Introversion is Not Shyness
    4. Common introvert Misconceptions
    5. You Are Probably an Introvert if
  2. Self-Care for Introverts
    1. Introduction
    2. Physiology of an Introvert
    3. Ways to Energize
  3. Introverts in Social Situations
    1. Introduction
    2. Common Social Misconceptions
    3. Being an Introvert in Social Situations
    4. Being Social
  4. Taking Advantage of Introversion
    1. Introduction
    2. Be Productive
    3. Use Your Natural Skills
    4. Develop Social Relationships
  5. Introverts in the Workplace
    1. Introduction
    2. Managing Workplace Strengths
    3. Workplace Changes
    4. Cope with Workplace Challenges
  6. Avoid Loneliness
    1. Introduction
    2. Solitude, Isolation, & Loneliness
    3. Don’t isolate yourself
    4. Take Reasonable Social Risks
    5. Use a Social Risk-Taking Process
    6. Meeting New People
  7. References
About the Author

Dr. John Liptak