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See the World as it is, not how you Want it to be

An Abeceder Quotation Conversation

22m 25s
Language:  English
Understand more about how you interpret facts that do not support your view by listening to Michael Millward and Ali Amhaz discuss a quotation from Islamic scholar Ibn Khaldun.
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Michael Millward and organisational psychologist Ali Amhaz discuss a quotation from Ibn Khaldun, the Islamic scholar, about how we manipulate information to support our view of the world.In the 21st century information is power, the range of information available seems endless, yet where we source information and how we interpret that information is increasingly focused on supporting our existing views. Michael and Ali explore the lessons that can be learnt about how to overcome the pitfalls of this approach by discussing a quotation from Ibn Khaldun that is several hundred years old.

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