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Principles for Success

What does Success Really Mean?

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Does money equal success or does it come down to luck? What are success habits and mindsets?
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This eBook is based on a podcast called “Stories of Success”. On his podcast he interviews industry leaders about their achievements. From those conversations, Volker distilled 18 success principles which address whether money equals success or if it is down to serendipity; he discusses success being a journey, teamwork, teams’ contribution to success, as well as trust and work life balance. The book also covers success habits and mindsets, as well as mindfulness and diversity. A wide range of topics that will guide the reader to achieve success in their life.

About the author

Volker Ballueder moved to the United Kingdom from Germany in 2001. In his career, Volker gained respect as a strategic and commercial leader. His MBA thesis was based on Emotional Intelligence (EQ); Volker summarises productivity and success habits in his first book #BeBetter.
The summary of his podcast ‘Stories of Success’, and the principles he discovered, are now available in this eBook.

  • About the Author: Volker Ballueder
  • Introduction
  1. Understand you or your business’ WHY
  2. Money and Success
  3. Success is a journey
  4. Serendipity and Success
  5. Success and Making a difference
  6. Emotional Intelligence and Success
  7. Growth Mindset, Failure and Success
  8. Mentors and Success
  9. Team and Teamwork
  10. Trust (in) People
  11. Diversity
  12. Success and hard work and discipline
  13. Success and Routines and Habits
  14. Success is about Balance
  15. Visualisation leads to Success
  16. Mindfulness, Meditation and Success
  17. Values and Success
  18. Culture of a Business
  19. Success and Authenticity
  • Conclusion: Success equals Happiness – is that true?
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About the Author

Volker Ballueder

Volker Ballueder was born in Germany before he moved to the United Kingdom in 2001. He now lives close to the South Downs, within easy reach of Brighton and London. He obtained both a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) and an MBA degree at Aberdeen University; and in his subsequent Digital Marketing career, gained respect as a strategic and commercial leader.

Volker’s MBA thesis was based on Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Since then, he has used methods such as NLP and Strengths Coaching to develop teams and individuals. Emotional Intelligence also contributes to his consulting work; his experience includes leading large teams, positioning companies, and cultivating work-based strategies.

Volker believes his positive attitude and growth mind-set enable him to be more productive. His first book on productivity (#BeBetter) is a summary of success and productivity habits and principles available to anyone, based on his own experiences. He now includes mindfulness teaching as part of his productivity toolkit, supporting executives, individuals and teams to grow.

In 2018, he embarked on a new project interviewing industry leaders about their achievements. Over 18 months, Volker created a 40-episode podcast called ‘Stories of Success’. The summary of those conversations, and the principles he discovered, are now available in this book.