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Post COVID Evolutionary Learning & Development

How L&D can Support Disruptive Post COVID Change

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A hard yet practical look at how the new reality of L&D can and should be disruptive and transformational to organizations in our post COVID reality.
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In this book the role of L&D, in post COVID transformation, is clearly defined along with extremely direct “how to” advice on what changes should look like, how they can be achieved, the systems and tools that can be deployed and specific methods for creating an environment of positive disruptive change within the organization. An L&D centric structure and a common language surrounding human centric design, group consensus building, and how we approach change is provided. We will look at history and study advanced game theory along with investment in and implementation of modern systems.

About the Author

Dr. Herring is a Member of the International Academy of Sciences for his work on corporate education. He is fluent in Russian and conversant in French and has acted as lead corporate representative, and spokesman in over 20 countries. He has developed innovative training, induction, on-boarding, inclusion, and diversity programs for the employees of some of the world’s most influential organizations.Dr. Herring is an avid global adventurer, holds a Black Belt in Taekwondo, has coached at the Jr. Olympic Level, and is member of the Board of Directors of USA Collegiate Taekwondo.

  • About the Author
  • Target Audience
  • Introduction / Overview
  1. The current state of business and how we got here
    1. Covid’s effect on L&D
    2. History as a teacher
    3. Using game theory to understand business reality
    4. Capitalizing on current change to create a lasting effect
    5. The good news about the bad news
  2. After COVID - The New World Order
    1. L&D’s role in mitigating negative economic and business effects
    2. L&D’s role in supporting change initiatives
    3. What, Agile? – Isn’t that for software?
    4. Creating a Responsive Environment
  3. A Very Blunt and Damming Statement
    1. AI infused LxP’s maximize business capability
  4. Future Proofing with L&D Tools and Methods
    1. The Good the Bad and the Waterfall L&D Methods
    2. The most significant changes
    3. L&D Tae kwon do
    4. Zen L&D Tactics
    5. L&D Tae Kwon Do - Part 2
    6. What is the solution? How do we future proof?
    7. But how do we adapt and manage our new approach?
  5. Post COVID L&D focus and considerations
  6. The List
    1. Development tools
    2. Top LxP contenders
  • Bibliography
About the Author

Gary Philip Herring PhD