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Pleasure plus Meaning Equals Happiness

An Abeceder Quotation Conversation

24m 43s
Language:  English
Nic Marks the happiness expert explains to Michael Millward the impact the careers advice he was given as a young man by Charles Handy had on his life and how he still lives by it today.
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Nic Marks, the founder of Friday Pulse advises organisations and governments including in the past the government of Bhutan and UK Prime Ministers Tony Blair and David Cameron on happiness.In his twenties Nic received some careers advice from family friend and prominent management thinker Charles Handy, which he has lived by his whole life.In this Abeceder Quotation Conversation with Michael Millward, Nic shares that advice and explains how it has impacted the happiness he has enjoyed and the success he has achieved.Michael and Nic discuss how different definitions of success impact happiness.

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