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Motivating Remote Workers

Use technology, education & communication to get things done

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Whatever reason a leader finds themselves working with a remote team, by considering the TEC model they can identify the ways they can motivate their remote team.
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An organization may choose to employ remote workers for a variety of reasons. Whatever reason a manager finds themselves working with a geographically dispersed team, there are ways they can and develop their team on a daily basis. By considering the TEC model – technology, education, and communication – leaders of remote teams can identify the specific ways they can motivate their remote team.

About the Author

Dr. Amy Jauman, SMS, is an author, international speaker, and remote work consultant. She focuses on using online resources to make information meaningful to adult learners in remote business and educational environments around the world. Amy has a master’s degree in experiential education and a doctorate in organization development.

  • About the Author
  1. Let’s Start by Motivating Team Leaders
  2. Motivation Big and Small
    1. Big, Long-Term, Sustaining Motivation
    2. Little Everyday Motivators
    3. Motivation and Remote Work
    4. Identifying Motivation
    5. Self-Motivation
  3. What is the TEC model?
    1. Technology Supports Education
    2. Education Supports Communication
    3. Communication Supports Technology
  4. Technology
    1. Choosing the Right Technology to Motivate Your Remote Work Team
    2. Maximize the Technology You Have
    3. Managing Gaps in Technology
  5. Education
    1. Mastering the Tools You Need to Be Successful
    2. Creating a Professional Development Plan (PDP) for a Remote Worker
  6. Communication
    1. What is effective communication, collaboration, and learning?
    2. Managing Email
    3. Telephone Tips
    4. Video Conferencing Best Practices
    5. Social Media Opportunities
  7. Developing Habits
    1. Decision Making in a Remote Environment
    2. Quick Decisions
    3. Big Decisions
    4. Special Considerations for Remote Teams
    5. Deciding with Others
  8. Finding Flow in Your Team’s Schedule
    1. Flow in the Workplace
    2. Finding Flow in Your Schedule
  9. Putting It All Together
    1. The Leader’s Role
  • Endnotes
About the Author

Amy Jauman