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Micro Talk: Getting the Best out of Your Colleague

11m 31s
Language:  English
In this talk we discuss how to build and maintain relationships with your colleagues. We will also delve into the importance of feedback and how this is essential to realise your desired result.
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During this talk you will receive tips on how to build and maintain relationships with you colleagues in order to get the best out of them. You will learn the importance of joining afterwork activities, office etiquette, giving and receiving feedback. You will discover practical everyday tips that you can immediately apply to your day to day activities. By applying the lessons herein the trust between you and your colleagues will increase, which ensures better results and environment at work.

About the author

Josuël Rogers is a life & executive coach, speaker and podcast host. He is someone who values interpersonal-relationships and his passion lies in helping other become their best selves. As a personal and executive coach he uses his analytical skills and creativity to help others overcome their challenges.
About the Author

Josuel Rogers