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Managerial Marketing in the Real World

Essential Business Management Knowledge for Leaders

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Practical and potent insights in marketing: The secret sauce of business success and leadership credibility. Essential reading for anyone in business who needs to master marketing decision-making.
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If you want to know more about marketing than 98% of marketing people… If you want clear and concise marketing management knowledge so you can distinguish between suboptimal and perfect decisions… if you want to shine in front of peers, subordinates and bosses, or simply guide your organisation to optimal success… you MUST read this book. It contains the essence of how to lead and guide any organisation to the pinnacle of performance. Containing real tips and practical approaches, simply explained and well-illustrated, it is everything they SHOULD teach you in an MBA but don’t! A “must read “ for every existing and aspiring CEO, Board member or CMO.

About the Author

LEIGH COWAN - B Commerce (Marketing), UNSW, Graduate. Diploma Strategic Planning (London City University) AFAMI (1987) FSMI (2014)
Leigh has 40+ years in strategic marketing management, populated with multiple “million-dollar’ successes. His “Law of Diminishing Brand Loyalty”, “Hierarchies of Marketing”, PEERSMART and MEVPIV and OSATTA models are proven commercial tools used by forward thinking executives in Australia and internationally.
His deep understanding of commerce, and corporate governance, strategy & planning acumen have benefitted dozens of Boards, C-suite executives & MBA students in post-graduate university schools. His record-breaking product management achievements across both B2C (Business-to-Consumer) and B2B (Business-to-Consumer) industries; launching, growing and saving numerous brands, demonstrate Leigh’s ability to apply academic principles with vivid commercial flare have been repeatedly delivered. He demonstrates the commercial value of “Pracademics”, the synergy of practical experience combined with deep academic knowledge.
His earlier books, “The Four Faces of Marketing” and “Advanced Pricing Strategy” have proven popular in the business community and as valuable reading in university courses. They are also available from

  • Learning objectives
  • About the Author
  • Author’s note
  1. Essential marketing for leaders
    1. The definition of the word, “marketing”
    2. The four, distinct functions in marketing
    3. Section review for chapter one: multiple choice questions
  2. Market research & the importance of market segmentation
    1. How do you know what your customers want?
    2. What is “market segmentation”?
    3. Guidelines for market segmentation
    4. How can market research help a business?
    5. Factors out of your control - pestleed
    6. How to use segmentation and other market research
    7. What is a sensible amount to budget for market research?
    8. The market research brief
    9. Market research or marketing research? An important distinction
    10. Section review for chapter two: multiple choice questions
  3. Managing promotions & positioning in your marketing mix
    1. Perspectives on advertising & promotion
    2. What do senior executives need to know about the promotional mix
    3. The 7th “p” of marketing: physical evidence/positioning/ perception
    4. Section review for chapter three: multiple choice questions
  4. Managing product/service in your marketing mix
    1. What is a “product”?
    2. Product classification
    3. Buyer behaviour
    4. New product innovations and launching strategies
    5. Section review for chapter four: multiple choice questions
  5. Corporate governance & strategic planning
    1. Core business problems and how to fix them
    2. Managing “people” in your marketing mix
    3. Culture comes last!
    4. Managing “processes” in your marketing mix
    5. Managing “pricing” in your marketing mix
    6. Managing “politics” in your marketing mix
    7. Change & change management
    8. Blue ocean leadership
    9. Blue ocean strategic thinking
    10. Section review for chapter five: multiple choice questions
  6. Summary: corporate governance secrets for outstanding strategic management
    1. Marketing management for boards and c-suite executives
    2. Questions every board member should be asking
    3. Marketing management for chief marketing officers, vp’s of marketing, general managers and aspiring leaders
    4. Is marketing governance necessary?
    5. Key issues in strategic leadership and corporate marketing governance
    6. Managerial marketing in the real world - the final word
    7. Section review for chapter six: multiple choice questions

About the Author

Leigh Cowan

After investing 13 years learning the craft of marketing at UNSW, Leigh Made a mark in FMCG marketing, including being featured on current affairs TV, metro newspapers & business publications.

In his 20’s he reached Senior Account Director in major advertising, direct marketing and FMCG sales promotions agencies, moving to marketing management where he succeeded in categories as diverse as FMCG, I.T. & Government.

In his 30’s, Leigh was lured to the UK where he delivered explosive growth & profits gain for a FMCG company, increasing its market share 6-fold in under 18 months. While in UK, he found time to complete a Graduate Diploma in Strategic Planning at London’s City University.

Returning to Australia, Leigh broke new records in FMCG product launch, before being lured to consult with Australia largest management consultancy. Here he become known as “the 9 out of 10 difficulty guy” securing numerous testimonials from the multi-national corporations he helped. He created marketing plans that improved the paths of billion-dollar businesses in big pharma, transport, hardware, banking, professional services, energy, automotive and industrial chemicals.

After a career of private company directorships, Leigh also sat on the boards of listed public companies and advised many others.

Leigh also found time to teach (part-time) both graduates (MBA) and undergraduates (Marketing Planning & Strategy) between 2003 until 2009 at the University of Technology in Sydney.

These days Leigh is a popular keynote speaker in marketing management, strategic leadership and Corporate & Marketing Governance. He also conducts strategy training workshops for senior executives of large companies in, pricing, product development, employee engagement and branding. He consults through research, planning & strategy advisors, Leadership Empowerment Pty Ltd, based in Sydney.