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Loving Leadership

A New Wave of Leadership for Today’s Challenges

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The world is changing, and the old model is no longer fit for purpose. Helen shares practical tips enabling leaders to adopt new ways of thinking, update their leadership style and reap the benefits.
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Loving Leadership is written for team leaders who are looking for better ways to engage their teams, maximise staff retention and help individuals address their personal responses to the numerous challenges, including economic challenges, of a post-pandemic world What you will gain after reading the book is a different way of thinking, regarding what a healthy and productive leadership model looks like. Loving Leadership embraces traditional leadership qualities and combines them with revelationary or revolutionary new approaches that will hugely benefit organisations, leaders, and their teams.

About the Author

Helen Norbury helps high vibe super achievers have the confidence to actualise their true potential, so that they can live with passion and lead a powerful legacy. Helen brings a fusion of trauma healing, legacy creation, and leadership embodiment to the world. Ultimately you will benefit from life, leadership, and self-mastery.Helen is a thought leader in the field of Business Leadership and Improvement and in her career has worked on a number of high-profile, hugely successful business transformation initiatives in many diverse organisations.

  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  1. Dynamic and Magnetic Energy
  2. Positive Energising Leadership
  3. Servant Leadership
  4. Humble Leadership
  5. Trauma-Informed Leadership
  6. Loving Leadership
  7. Applying Loving Leadership in the Workplace
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Apply the principles of servant leadership to boost team morale and effectiveness. Develop humility and empathy to nurture trust and connection within the workplace. Recognize and manage the impacts of trauma and stress to foster a supportive and resilient team environment.

About the Author

Helen Norbury