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Living Longer

Creating the Time of Your Life

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We are living longer, which means our period of retirement will be longer. A long retirement needs to be prepared for, read this book to kickstart your thoughts on how you want your retirement to be.
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Ingen reklame inne i boken

We are in the midst of yet another transition in the way we live our lives, caused by the simple but welcome fact that we are living longer than our ancestors and will be healthier for longer thanks to medical science. Retirement is no longer a few years tagged onto the end of our working lives, but what will we do with this gift? How will we mentally prepare for this period of life? This is something that everyone needs to contemplate and plan for. This book will guide you through this process.

About the Author

Sandy Leong is a qualified teacher with a long career as an educator and developer of people. She has travelled extensively always looking to expand her knowledge of how people in places other than the UK understand the world. She is involved in various educational projects, leading a European team to develop teaching materials on inter-cultural communication; researching and writing materials on the impact on older people of living longer and working longer; and is involved in various projects on equality, diversity, and inclusion throughout the UK. She writes on personal development topics.

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  1. Changes in Society
  2. Re-imagining Retirement
  3. The Time of Your Life
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About the Author

Sandy Leong