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Interpersonal Skills For Entrepreneurs

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This book aims to help you improve the way you relate to others in order to cultivate a reputation as a reliable partner.
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Business leaders inspire others to take positive action in their ventures. In order to succeed at this, they learn to master their Interpersonal Skills. This book aims to help you improve the way you relate to others in order to cultivate a reputation as a reliable partner, trustworthy boss, or credible business professional. By applying these tactics in your own business you will notice a difference in the way people respond to you almost instantly.

What does it mean to be a leader in business? Leaders are those the community looks to for inspiration, and if we seek to walk in their shoes, we must begin our journey with the basics of interpersonal skills. Without a clear understanding of how best to communicate with others, it’s nearly impossible to cultivate a reputation as a reliable partner, trustworthy boss, or credible business professional.

In the following pages, you’ll find the information needed to enhance your knowledge of what it means to be an effective communicator and how best to establish a reputation as a leader in today’s fast-paced, highly competitive business environment. We’ll discuss tactics for increased understanding among business associates and problem solving in the workplace.

When you begin to use these tactics in your own career, you’ll notice a difference in the way people respond to you almost instantly. More than that, you’ll be better able to negotiate deals, reach difficult compromises, and benefit from the rapport you build with those around you. You’ll be a better listener and a better communicator, enhancing your business skills to a degree previously unimaginable.

As we become more comfortable using our newfound interpersonal skills, they will become increasingly apparent to our family and friends. Strong interpersonal skills aren’t left at the office when five o’clock rolls around – knowing how to communicate with other people transforms us into gracious hosts, reliable friends, and all-around friendly faces. When we learn how to express strong interpersonal skills, we exude confidence.

Melissa Contreras – freelance writer, Internet marketer and online publisher – understands the importance of interpersonal skills in maximizing business performance. Her passion for this subject matter led her to create two websites – Effective Communication Advice and Interpersonal Skills Online – to help others sharpen their people skills in a corporate kind of way.

After thirteen years of working in corporate finance, commercial and multilateral banking, Melissa decided to put her knowledge of the professional business environment into print, becoming a writer and online publisher. Always one to embrace change, she’s lived in four countries – the U.S., U.K, Brazil, and Venezuela – and speaks four languages – English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

Her interest in multimedia enterprises began early, when, as an eight-year-old, she was given her first computer. She soon began perusing her brother’s university textbooks on computer programming and coding simple programs. When mainstream Web users were still committed to using AOL, she was teaching herself the basics of early html code. At the time, she never imagined the kinds of careers that would evolve from future advances in technology. Melissa’s own university training may have led her to the finance field, but now she’s returned to her first love – the Internet.

When her husband was transferred abroad for the second time, Melissa found herself leaving the bustling Sao Paulo and residing in the lovely English countryside. As an economist armed with an MBA in finance, she decided it was time to pursue her entrepreneurial goals in the fascinating world of online marketing.

On her site Interpersonal Skills Online (, Melissa discusses effective team building techniques, negotiating skills and conflict resolution in detail. After you’ve mastered the techniques highlighted in this text, Interpersonal Skills Online will help you more forward.

Effective Communication Advice ( further establishes the benefits of masterful communication skills. The site offers extensive communication tips for business leaders, training methods and further reading on the subject. Those who’d like to brush up on their public speaking and presentation skills will also find this site incredibly useful.

After you’ve put the tips and tactics found in this text to the test, visit and to further perfect your business communication style.


  1. What Are Interpersonal Skills and Why Are They Important to Entrepreneurs?
    1. What are Interpersonal Skills?
    2. Soft Skills: A Topic of Study and Consideration Throughout History
    3. How Does Developing Your Interpersonal Skills Make You a Better Entrepreneur?
    4. Key Points From Chapter 1
    5. Quiz – Reviewing Concepts From Chapter 1
    6. Answers to Quiz for Chapter 1
  2. Communication Skills That Set Business Leaders Apart
    1. Why Are Communication Skills Important for a Business Owner?
    2. Active Listening and How It Can Boost Your Sales
    3. Common Barriers to Communication
    4. Body Language: What People Are REALLY Saying
    5. How to Communicate Effectively through Multi-Media Outlets
    6. Key Points from Chapter 2
    7. Quiz – Reviewing Concepts From Chapter 2
    8. Answers to Quiz from Chapter 2
  3. Public Speaking Tips for Business Leaders
    1. Be Prepared
    2. Stay Positive
    3. Tell ’Em a Story
    4. Don’t be Self-Conscious
    5. Seek Professional Help
    6. Key Points from Chapter 3
    7. Quiz – Reviewing Concepts From Chapter 3
    8. Answers to Quiz from Chapter 3
  4. Winning Persuasion and Negotiating Skills
    1. Winning Persuasion Tactics for Business Management
    2. Build Stronger Relationships as You Negotiate
    3. Key Points from Chapter 4
    4. Quiz – Reviewing Concepts From Chapter 4
    5. Answers to Quiz from Chapter 4
  5. The Assertive Entrepreneur: How to Be Heard in Business
    1. Assertion vs. Aggression
    2. Timing
    3. Word Choice
    4. Assertive Body Language
    5. Clarity
    6. Key Points from Chapter 5
    7. Quiz – Reviewing Concepts From Chapter 5
    8. Answers to Quiz from Chapter 5
  6. Resolving Conflict
    1. Conflict Resolution in The Workplace
    2. Learn and Practice Assertive Communication Skills
    3. Establish Healthy Boundaries
    4. Seek First to Understand
    5. Key Points from Chapter 6
    6. Quiz – Reviewing Concepts From Chapter 6
    7. Answers to Quiz from Chapter 6
  7. Be a Source of Inspiration
    1. Integrity
    2. Empathy in the Workplace
    3. Validate Emotions
    4. Be Part of the Solution
    5. Key Points from Chapter 7
    6. Quiz – Reviewing Concepts From Chapter 7
    7. Answers to Quiz from Chapter 7
A book full of relevant skills and practices in order to become an outstanding figure in the business world.
This book is an excellent book for entrepreneurs. It taught me to communicate effectively as a business person.
This is necessary to everyone. Whoever reads this will improve their leadership skills. Thanks.
This is a very practical book with tips and information that can be applied immediately to improve one's people skills. I found it very useful to improve my business relationships.
For me, interpersonal skill is very important as we all have social relationships to deal with and maintain. But that one in the business world is challenging because customers/audience vary and situations too. This one is just the best on tips on how to do it.
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