International Business Dynamics

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123 pages
The differences in consumer expectations, demanding regulatory regimes, and recurrent economic recessions coupled with advanced digital technologies are changing the international business landscape.
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Venkatesh Ganapathy

• Country: India
• Number of Books: 8
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Venkatesh Ganapathy presently works as Associate Professor (Marketing) in Presidency Business School, Bangalore. He has worked in the industry for close to two

International business is any business activity conducted by a business in a foreign shore. Differences in consumer expectations, varying regulatory norms in different nations and changing demographics are redefining the business landscape. Advances in digital communication technologies and the growing need for ethical conduct by businesses are further complicating the matter. The nature of political relationships between countries is affecting business operations of multinational corporations. Overcoming the cross-cultural barriers has become crucial for multinational corporations to succeed.

About the author

Venkatesh Ganapathy presently works as Associate Professor (Marketing) in Presidency Business School, Bangalore. He has worked in the industry for close to two decades in organizations like Castrol India Limited (part of BP PLC) and Firepro Systems Private Limited. He has had a rich and diverse cross-functional experience in areas like Research & Development, Technical Services, Quality Assurance, Strategic Sourcing, Performance Management, and Project Management during his stint in the corporate world.

Venkatesh’s commitment and passion for teaching has made him popular among students. His industry experience has not only added value to his classroom delivery but has also enabled students to seek counseling guidance and placement assistance from him. Venkatesh is adept at teaching subjects in the domains of marketing, human resources, and general management. He has delivered keynote presentations at conferences/ seminars to audiences both large and small.

  1. Introduction to international business
  2. Drivers of international business
  3. Importance of international business for economy
  4. Performance indicators of international business
  5. Forms of international business
  6. Theories of international trade
  7. World trade organisation & trade liberalisation
  8. Regional trade blocks
  9. European union
  10. Brexit
  11. Free trade agreements
  12. Barriers in international trade
  13. Foreign direct investment (FDI)
  14. Theories of FDI
  15. Multinational corporations
  16. Cultural influences in international business
  17. Language as a competitive weapon in international business
  18. Role of negotiations in international business
  19. Conflict in international business
  20. Role of international agencies in conflict resolution
  21. Future of international business

The book is an interesting read. The case studies are relevant and add great value. Strongly recommend this book for students pursuing MBA.
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