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Influential Corporations

How They Form Their Staff and the World Around Them

Language:  English
This book delivers an independent and sophisticated viewpoint of the world of global corporations and gives readers the chance for an interesting inside look.
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  • Preface
  1. Brief history of corporations
    1. Mining industry
    2. Film industry
    3. How TV killed Hollywood's golden age
    4. Machinery industry
  2. Global mindset of corporations
    1. Ford motor company
    2. Bata shoe company
    3. Management styles
  3. Corporation influence
  4. Corporations and their people
  5. Corporation rituals
    1. Literature on the role of rituals in organizational culture
    2. Findings
    3. Conclusion
  6. Corporation values
    1. Company values
  7. Corporation power
    1. The rise of corporate power
    2. Property is the creature of the state
    3. The state is the creature of property
    4. Corporate power must be confronted
    5. Traditional explanations of the growth of the large corporations
    6. The international mobility of multinational corporations
  8. Corporations and the world
    1. National destinies
    2. National companies, global reach
    3. National debates, global ideas
  9. Corporation agility
  10. Corporation and generation Z
    1. Making privacy a priority
    2. Supporting their entrepreneurial spirit
    3. Taking advantage of their digital savviness
    4. Designing the future workplace
  11. Corporation for the 21st century
  • Epilogue
  • References
  • Endnotes

This book presents the readers with a brief history of corporations, their mindset and possibilities as well as how they influence the global economy. The author describes corporation culture and rituals used worldwide. The book’s central part is devoted to corporation values and power. It also shows how today’s corporations recognize national interests and use global ideas within the national scale. Finally, the book focuses on the cooperation with Generation Z and predicts how corporations will survive in the 21st century. It delivers an independent and sophisticated viewpoint of the world of global corporations and gives readers the chance for an interesting inside look.

 About the author

Roman Lindauer has over 25 years of practical experience working for international companies (British Airways, Johnson & Johnson, KPMG). He began his career in 1991 in the field of Financial Management. Since 2003 he has also covered the areas of Risk Management through internal controls under Sarbanes - Oxley Act methodology (SOX404) and ISO 31000. During his professional practice he implemented a comprehensive system of internal controls in the local branches of foreign companies several times (T- Mobile, Accenture, SAP, ABB), led the testing and certification projects related to SOX404/COSO.

Roman graduated from the British Open University Business School and completed a one-semester course at George Washington University. He currently teaches at US LIGS University, Cambridge Business School and the University of Economics in Prague. He is a graduate of a wide range of management training and constantly monitors new trends in the area of risk management, compliance, internal audit and strategic corporate development.

About the Author

Roman Lindauer