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How To Create Effective Employee Development Plans

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Employee development plans are essential for the success of employees and the organizations they work for. This book will help line managers to build effective development plans with their people.
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Employee development plans are essential for the success, growth and development of both employees and the organizations tthey work for.

By investing in employee development, organizations can improve the skills and knowledge of their employees, increase employee performance and improve employee engagement, motivation, and retention.

This book will help line managers to co-create effective development plans with their employees.

About the Author

Simon Hazeldine works internationally as a sales performance and sales transformation consultant, conference speaker and elite sales trainer. He has worked in over thirty countries and his client list includes some of the world’s largest and most successful companies.

Simon has a master’s degree in the psychology of performance and is the bestselling author of eight books. He has a strong interest in the development of people and, as an experienced line manager, has co-created many development plans with his direct reports that helped them to grow and develop in their jobs and careers.

Simon is co-founder of leading sales podcast “The Sales Chat Show”.

  • About the author
  • Introduction
  1. Understanding Employee Development Plans
    1. Defining employee development plans
    2. Why employee development plans are important
    3. The benefits of employee development plans for employees
    4. The benefits of employee development plans for organizations
  2. Assessing Employees’ Development Needs
    1. How to assess employee development needs
    2. Methods for identifying employee development needs
  3. Creating Employee Development Goals
    1. How to create employee development goals
    2. Different types of development goals
    3. Creating S.M.A.R.T. development goals
  4. Creating Employee Development Plans
    1. The key elements of an effective employee development plan
    2. Examples of development methods
  5. Implementing Employee Development Plans
    1. How to implement employee development plans
    2. Strategies for gaining employee buy-in to their development plan
    3. How to track progress
    4. How to identify and make any adjustments that are needed
  6. Measuring The Impact of Employee Development Plans
    1. How to measure the impact of employee development plans
    2. Levels of measurement / evaluation
    3. Methods of evaluation
  7. Maintaining Employee Development Plans
    1. How to maintain employee development plans
  8. How Employee Development Plans Can Contribute to A Learning Culture
    1. Demonstrating commitment to employee growth
    2. Encouraging lifelong learning
    3. Providing resources and support
    4. Promoting ownership of development
    5. Facilitating skill transfer and application
    6. Creating a positive feedback loop
    7. Inspiring knowledge sharing
    8. Adapting to change and innovation
    9. Enhancing employee engagement and satisfaction
    10. Aligning with organizational objectives
  9. Conclusion
  • References

Understand the role of employee development plans in fostering a learning culture within an organization. Learn techniques to measure and maintain the effectiveness of employee development plans.

About the Author

Simon Hazeldine