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Employee Wellbeing and Stress Management

A Person Centred Approach

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Develop an understanding of stress, its causes, signs and symptoms, as well as the impact it can have both personally and professionally.
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This book helps to develop an understanding of stress, it’s causes, signs and symptoms, as well as the impact it can have on people personally and professionally. It also looks at how this affects businesses practically and financially and explores strategies to address the problem of stress.

  1. Why Do We Need To Make Employee Wellbeing a Priority? 
    1. Employee Wellbeing Facts and Figures 
    2. Other Factors to Consider 
    3. The Links Between Wellbeing and Engagement 
    4. Stress in the Workplace 
    5. HSE Management Standards 
    6. Personal Stress 
  2. Understanding Stress 
    1. Stress Awareness 
    2. Types of Stress 
    3. How We Experience Stress 
    4. Exercise: Noticing Stress 
    5. Causes of Personal Stress 
    6. Exercise: Identifying Types of Stress 
    7. Causes of Stress at Work 
    8. Exercise: Looking at Your Workplace 
  3. Symptoms and Effects of Stress 
    1. Symptoms 
    2. Exercise: Get to Know Your Physical and Emotional State 
    3. Signs of Stress in Others 
  4. The Impact of Unmanaged Stress 
    1. Stress in the Workplace 
    2. Case Study: Carl 
    3. Exercise: Reviewing the Case Study 
    4. The Impact of Stress in the Workplace 
    5. The Wider Impact of Stress (The Ripple Effect) 
    6. Case Study: Steven 
    7. The Importance Stress Management and Resilience 
  5. A Person Centred Approach 
    1. A Person Centred Approach to Employee Wellbeing 
    2. Why Starting With The Workplace Isn’t the Answer 
    3. Overview of The Person Centred Wellbeing Model 
    4. The Person Centred Wellbeing Model 
  6. The Unique Person 
    1. People as Individuals 
    2. Exercise: Understanding Values 
  7. Life and Social Factors 
    1. Different Perspectives 
    2. Knowing Your Employees and Colleagues 
    3. Life and Social Factors to Consider 
    4. Case Study: Cathy 
  8. Job Role and Professional Development 
    1. Job Specific Stress 
    2. Aspects of Job Related Stress 
    3. Case Study: Joanna 
  9. The Workplace 
    1. The Importance of Environment 
    2. Case Study: A Remote Team 
    3. Exercise: Review Your Work Environment 
  10. Managing Stress in the Workplace 
    1. Make a Commitment 
    2. The Business Case 
    3. Finding Out What’s Really Going On 
    4. Stress Assessment Survey 
    5. Next Steps 
  11. Stress Management Strategies 
    1. The HSE Management Standards 
    2. Person Centred Strategies 
  12. Personal Stress Management Techniques 
    1. Personal Development 
    2. Mindfulness 
    3. Positive Thinking 
    4. Keep Things In Perspective 
    5. Practice Self-Care 
  13. Resources for Employee Wellbeing and Stress Management 
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Ruth L Randall