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Delegate it All - Vol 3

Think Big to Unleash the Power of Real Delegation

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Third in the five-part series, Real Delegation, this book delves into how to choose what you’ll delegate based on its power to deliver big results. The bigger the delegation, the bigger the results.
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Real delegation requires you to let go of responsibilities so that others can take them up and grow in capability. This book explores what you’ll delegate, proposing three categories: tasks, processes and outcomes. How well the delegation is conceived and articulated matters, so we explore the rigour and precision needed in the language of goal-setting techniques, and we encourage more ambitious delegation with a discussion of ‘Courageous’ goals. A thought-provoking case study shows just how much the ambitious delegator needs to let go, and how to do that.

About the Author

Dave Stitt is a Professional Certified Coach and Chartered Civil Engineer who has been coaching executive teams in the construction industry for more than two decades. Before that, he rose to senior management positions in national construction and engineering firms, leading a number of successful corporate transformation programmes. He has raced in over a hundred triathlons, representing Great Britain in the 1991 Triathlon World Championship in Australia. His books include Coach for Results and Deep and Deliberate Delegation: A New Art for Unleashing Talent and Winning Back Time.

  • About the Author
  • About This Series
  • Introduction: The Thing That is Delegated
  1. Tasks, Processes, Outcomes
    1. Going Up a Level
    2. The Biggy: Outcomes
    3. ‘Remind Me Why We’re Doing This?’
    4. Reflections, Ideas and Tools
  2. Define It to Get Buy-in
    1. ‘Can You Handle That?’
    2. Muddy Language Means Muddy Thinking
    3. The Specific Test
    4. ‘Agreed’ Means Dialogue
    5. Reflections, Ideas and Tools
  3. Why It Pays to Be Courageous
    1. Wish I’d Never Asked
    2. What Would Be Your Olympic Gold Medal?
    3. Dream it, Declare it, Get Started
    4. ‘I Have No Idea, But Yes’
    5. Harnessing ‘Goal Excitement’
    6. Tell a Story That Sticks
    7. Goal Choosiness
    8. Reflections, Ideas and Tools
  4. Why You Must Really Let Go, And How to Do It
    1. Positively Deviant
    2. Eureka!
    3. Judgement Day
    4. Complicated or Complex?
    5. Avoid the Trap of Situational Symmetry
    6. Progress Versus Perfection
    7. Reflections, Ideas and Tools
  • Conclusion: The World’s Their Oyster
  • Table of Figures
About the Author

Dave Stitt