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Confidence in the Workplace

A Pocket Guide for the Millennial Woman

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A practical guide that takes women on a self-discovery journey while helping them understand the obstacles standing between them and their self-confidence.
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Statistically, women find it harder to develop the inner confidence that allows them to perform at their full potential in the workplace. This e-book aims to help women become aware of such obstacles, target the cause & the effect of these and understand how to reframe negative thoughts or habits into ones that would allow them to step into the best, most confident version of themselves.

About the Author

Diana Iusco is a MA graduate well versed in the corporate world through her marketing career in fields such as retail, ecommerce & fintech. She is also an entrepreneurial spirit and has always been passionate about inspiring and empowering others, therefore her latest venture has been becoming a Confidence Coach for women. Since launching her projects she has run group coaching & 1-1 coaching programs, hosted workshops as well as written content on the mindset & confidence topics on her website, social channels & weekly newsletter, helping tens of women so far understand more about their current level of confidence and how to improve it.

  • About the author
  1. First and foremost: are you confident?
    1. Define confidence
    2. Know yourself
    3. Know your purpose
    4. Apply it all in the workplace
  2. How do you speak to yourself?
    1. Awareness is key
    2. Reframe the negative
    3. Understand its effects
  3. How do you tackle self-doubt?
    1. Understand its sources
    2. Don’t avoid it, solve it
    3. Impostor syndrome: be gone
  4. What motivates you?
    1. Eliminate what doesn’t (motivate you)
    2. The best way to set goals
    3. Staying on track
  5. What role do you play in the workplace?
    1. The Executive’s confidence
    2. The Leader’s confidence
    3. Every office has them both
  6. Habits & Boundaries
    1. Create habits
    2. Set boundaries
    3. The perfect balance
  7. A new version of YOU
    1. I am…2.0
    2. Going forward
  8. Key Takeaways
  9. References

About the Author

Diana Iusco