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Bridge the Gen-Y Gap

Survival Tips for Working with Millennials

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Bridge the Gen-Y Gap provides context, understanding and tips on how to work with Generation-Y. Leaders can benefit from the unique talents of this generations once they have better understanding.
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Bridge the Generation-Y Gap helps provide context, understanding and tools on how to work with Generation-Y. The book offers great insight on the foundation of their value systems. Part of working with people is cognition of one's own thought processes. The "How To" section offers specific tools for leaders, managers, teachers and parents that could assist with self-management, as well as Identifying, Managing, Motivating and Rewarding Generation-Y. The book also provides insight for Human Resources when identifying and selecting the appropriate candidates for staff placement and talent development.

About the author 

Demyan Rossouw is a Cognitive Behaviour Coach and Leadership Development Consultant.His style is direct and to the point, yet relaxed and filled with humour in order to facilitate learning and mind-shifts.His specialty is coaching Generation-Y towards utilizing their unique attributes and characteristics in such a way to integrating those traits into their professional and personal relationships.

  • About the author
  1. Introduction
    1. General Classification of the different Generations
  2. What makes this generation unique?
    1. Generally
    2. Professionally
    3. Socially
  3. Values and drivers
    1. Some Positive Characteristics
    2. Some Challenging Characteristics
    3. Noticeable differences between the values of the “conflicting” generations and how they could play out
  4. How to deal with Generation-Y
    1. Become aware of and manage your own thoughts
    2. How to change thought patterns
    3. Ask more questions
    4. Create a safe space where people are allowed to make mistakes
    5. Be the coach
  5. How to relate to Generation-Y
  6. How to manage Generation-Y
    1. Ask questions
    2. Listen when they speak
    3. Reflect
    4. Answer their questions and address their real concerns
    5. Admit to it if you don’t know the answer or solution to a problem
    6. Create an understanding of the context and the “bigger picture”
    7. Treat them with respect
    8. Don’t offer rewards just for the sake of it
    9. Provide direct feedback, advice and coaching
    10. Be honest and sincere
    11. Support the expression of individuality
    12. Provide and support frequent change
    13. Teach the skills of effective and solutions focussed conflict management
    14. Help them learn the skills of giving and receiving direct feedback
    15. Help them to become resilient to change, disappointment and hardship
    16. Teach them a comprehensive emotional vocabulary
    17. Allow them and help them to create a work-life balance
    18. Allow for some play while performing their duties
    19. Allow them to explore and implement their own way of doing things
    20. Allow them the opportunity to travel
  7. How to retain & reward Generation-Y
    1. Collaboration and Cooperation
    2. Transparency
    3. Create Context
    4. Shining bright
    5. Fairness
    6. Technology is a given
    7. Socializing is part of work
    8. Thrills and Adventure
  8. Recommendations on supporting Generation-Y
    1. Ask questions rather than tell or instruct
    2. Show sincere and authentic interest
    3. Be consistent
    4. Set healthy boundaries
    5. Be solution-focussed
    6. Be succinct
    7. Give direct feedback on behaviour
    8. Be transparent
    9. Collaborate
    10. Accountability
  9. Conclusion
  10. References
About the Author

Demyan Rossouw