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Jane Stephenson
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Jane Stephenson and Anne Galloway are experienced, qualified coaches. Although originally from the UK, they now both have their own coaching practices based in North Holland.

Jane worked for many years in international business finance. In her forties she made a career switch to develop her career as psychologist, coach and writer. She gained her BSc Hons Psychology with the Open University and followed that with a Diploma in Coach Counselling with the Nederlandse Academy van Psychotherapy. She later also trained as an Equine Assisted Coach.

For more that fourteen years she ran her own coaching business providing individual coaching and training workshops to businesses and private clients in the Netherlands. 

Her professional writing career began when she joined the writing team of “Amsterdam - The complete residents guide” published by Explorer Publishing and has published four titles with Bookboon as well as a number of articles on diverse subjects. Jane is now retired. She is a volunteer with a refugee organization and is working on her first novel.

Through her own business, power-to-change, Anne specialises in career and small business coaching working primarily with individuals. Her aim is to inspire people to put the fun and passion back into their working week. She contributes articles to several online forums and continues to produce her ‘Inspirational Toolkit’ which provides monthly tips on a wide range of business and career issues. Born and brought up in the North of Scotland, Anne worked for a long time as a Cost and Contracts Engineer for a munti national company before setting up her own small business consultancy service and then retraining as a career and business coach.

Jane and Anne have combined their unique skills in their partnership “Two Motivating Minds” and have been developing and delivering highly successful workshops together since 2009. They published their first book “Your Future - A Practical Guide to Action“ in 2011; this e-book “The Secrets to Workshop Success” is their second book collaboration.

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