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Are You Weird or Just Wired Differently

An Abeceder Quotation Conversation

26m 38s
Language:  English
When you feel different to everyone else, it is difficult to feel positive about yourself. Sid Madge of the Mee Programme and Michael Millward discuss how to positively reframe those feelings.
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Sid Madge discusses a quotation from a 15-year-old schoolboy that inspired the development of the Mee Programme, with Michael Millward.Sid and Michael explore why as individuals we feel pressurised to change ourselves so we can fit in when our best chance of being happy comes from living life authentically.Our system of working, they agree was designed for the Industrial Revolution, and forces people to change themselves to be like everyone else, a cog in the machine.They discuss what employers can do help their employees, and especially education leavers to bring their true self to work.

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