An Insider’s Guide: Website Sourcing Made Easy!

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60 pages
This valuable book is designed to assist with website projects. It covers understanding the process, how to plan, as well as including a Scope of Work Contract to help you avoid the various pitfalls.
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Clive C. Price

The consummate sales maestro, Clive can orchestrate any sales dialogue into a win-win for all. Pushing the boundaries of learning, he has successfully trained thousands of delegates around the world who have all experienced the ‘ka-ching’ factor from his u

  1. Introduction to building a new website
  2. Why are you building a new website and what are your measurable objectives? 
  3. When does the new website need to be launched? How to create a critical path 
  4. Writing your scope of work (SOW) 
  5. Stages of website design & development 
  6. Content management system (CMS) aka the back end 
  7. Launch & post-launch 
  8. Jargon buster 

This valuable book is aimed at helping anyone involved in creating a website and gives insider tips on how to avoid costly and painful pitfalls! A Scope of Work template is included, which you can use to help draft your own Contract, plus a timeline guide to help you agree project key stages and the delivery deadline. There is also a very helpful Jargon Buster, to give you a handy quick reference to the meaning of technical jargon. By following this guide you will save yourself a lot of heartache and it will enable you to create and produce a successful website for your organisation with ease.

About the author

After many years in the corporate world of fashion, retailing and publishing, the entrepreneurial spirit won out and Jean became the founder of a successful design & marketing agency. Delivering blue-sky thinking, ensuring new ideas are continually being born and delivered to market and having clients come back for more is her main motivator.