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Working from Home vs. The Office

Communicating and Collaborating with Colleagues

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Do you find communicating with colleagues in the WFH/Hybrid world challenging? This book offers strategies for considering new team members, inclusion and ways to bring fun to your daily work life.
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This book offers a range of strategies for considering new team members, inclusion and some ways to bring fun to your daily work life, as well as suggestions for setting up your WFH surroundings and scheduling your work/life balance, along with more options such as Hub and roaming. We review the importance of emotional intelligence at work and the avoidance of unconscious bias. Practical thoughts on commuting – the pros and cons, company culture and virtual team building and the importance of networking. Understanding body language and behaviour, particularly when online.

About the Author

Nina Ludgate is a coach and her clients include CEOs, directors, managers looking for leadership coaching and individuals wanting career advancement or change and confidence building. Her background in the creative industries with worldwide projects that have given her a basis for understanding varied cultures, the challenges of communication within teams and the importance of emotional intelligence and awareness of unconscious bias in business dealings. She draws on her experiences in this book.

  • About the author
  • Introduction
  1. Colleague Relations
    1. Do you have close, Personal Relationships Online?
    2. Do you ‘Know’ your Colleagues?
    3. What are your Colleagues’ Outside Interests?
    4. Do you have Hobbies in Common?
    5. Chapter Summary
  2. Welcoming New Staff and Colleagues
    1. WFH
    2. Consider the New Team Member
    3. HR Departments and Induction
    4. Apprehension of Face to Face in the Office
    5. Chapter Summary
  3. WFH Tips
    1. WFH Organisation
    2. WFH Surroundings
    3. WFH Schedule and Structure
    4. Relocating due to WFH Freedom
    5. Chapter Summary
  4. What does Your Team miss when WFH?
    1. What does Your Team Miss and Love when WFH vs. The Office?
    2. Chapter Summary
  5. Hybrid Office Week
    1. Hybrid Overview
    2. Planning your Options for a Hybrid Week
    3. Hub
    4. Club
    5. Home
    6. Roam
    7. Chapter Summary
  6. Commuting: Yes or No?
    1. Commuting Overview
    2. Make the Most of Commuting Time
    3. Chapter Summary
  7. Watercooler/Coffee Machine/Kitchen chats
    1. What does Your Team Miss?
    2. Networking
    3. Chapter Summary
  8. Emotional Intelligence and Unconscious Bias
    1. Emotional Intelligence Overview
    2. Managing One’s Emotional Intelligence
    3. Unconscious Bias Overview
    4. Chapter Summary
  9. Body Language and Behavioural Skills
    1. Behavioural Skills Overview
    2. Non-Verbal
    3. Verbal
    4. Chapter Summary
  10. Company Culture
    1. Company Culture Overview
    2. Giving the Workforce a Voice
    3. Virtual Team Building
    4. Consider International Cross-culture Online Challenges
    5. Chapter Summary
  11. Project Development and Management online
    1. Project Development and Productive Working in a Hybrid World
    2. Project Development across Different Industries
    3. Chapter Summary
  12. Digital Transformation
    1. Digital Transformation Overview
    2. Digital Transformation Affects the Workforce
    3. Chapter Summary
  13. Empowering a Remote Workforce
    1. Empowerment Overview
    2. Responsible Freedoms Enhance Work Output
    3. WFH Company Trust
    4. Chapter Summary
  14. Company Socials
    1. The Importance of Socialising
    2. Hybrid Socialising Ideas
    3. Chapter Summary
  • Conclusion
  • References/Bibliographies