Understanding Statistics

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146 pages
This eBook explains statistical concepts. If you know nothing you get a basic knowledge, if you know some statistical methods you get a better understanding of the ideas behind them.
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Sture Holm is a retired professor of biostatistics from Göteborg University. He has been senior lecturer in mathematical statistics at Chalmers Technical University and professor in statistics at the School of Economics in Göteborg. His research on statistical methods theory is always combined with a...


This is a book on the understanding of statistical concepts. If you have no knowledge, you will receive basic knowledge, without having to worry much about mathematics. And if you already know something about statistical methods, you will get a better understanding of the ideas behind them. All basic concepts are discussed in detail and illustrated with examples. Learn more about error margins, analysis of variance, significance, confidence intervals, bootstrap, regression, analysis of scale data, variance components and other concepts. All simply explained and illustrated with examples.

  1. Lots of figures – with quality and without
  2. More or less probable
  3. Dependence and independence
  4. My first confidence interval
  5. Location and dispersion in theory and practice
  6. A useful root
  7. Completely normal and almost normal
  8. Within the error margin
  9. Pure juridical matters
  10. Some old classics
  11. Comparing two cases
  12. One sided or two sided
  13. It depends
  14. Analysis of variance
  15. And analysis of variances
  16. Now and then or here and there
  17. Generalised linear models
  18. To measure the almost non-measurable
  19. Like a starry sky
  20. All these ranks
  21. Simulation, imputation and elimination
Very good for practical application.
27 febbraio 2018 06:35
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