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The Six Secrets to Perseverance in a Pandemic

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Humanity is in the midst of a global pandemic that has thrown individuals, families, businesses, communities and countries into imbalance. People are confused and seeking answers – they are here!
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People are dying in unprecedented numbers. World leaders are scrambling to meet the onslaught. Humanity is in a global pandemic that is throwing everyone, everywhere, off balance. People around the globe are confused and discouraged about now and the future. All are searching for some order in this chaos. The reader will learn where the order is to be found in this chaotic pandemic. The reader discovers the bigger picture and how it is not just costing us, but equally, serving us and also our future. This enables the reader to build a greater sense of self-confidence going forward.

About the Author

The author is Ken Pierce, a board-certified psychologist, based in Prince Edward island, Canada, who has been in private practice for almost 40 years serving over 10,000 individual clients. Ken has served on the faculty of Holland College, the University of Prince Edward island for many years. As well, he is a Senior Faculty of the Glasser Institute of Canada and Master Facilitator with the Demartini Institute of Houston, Johannesburg and Sydney. Ken has spoken at regional, national and international events and published in several areas of psychology including: business leadership, management, stress, learning, bullying, self-esteem, depression, competency-based education and managing health challenges.

  • About the author
  • Preface
  1. Perseverance is linked to your survival, to science and to your business success
    1. Your perseverance’s biological connection to your will to live
    2. Our thinking creates our feelings
    3. The 1st secret to perseverance is understanding it is about Focused Accelerated Learning - F.A.L
  2. Perseverance is linked to the laws of evolution which serve the health of you and your business
    1. Evolutionary law demands balance
    2. Balance is a constant transformational process of nature
    3. The 2nd secret to perseverance is it is always about perceptual transformation
  3. Perseverance is a natural law required for your well-being and your company’s as well
    1. Your well-being is tied to your level of awareness
    2. Your well-being is tied to the laws of nature
    3. The 3rd secret to perseverance is your well-being is under your control but within the laws of nature
  4. Perseverance and perception are the foundation for both your personal and business wellness
    1. Natural laws are needed to understand your wellness and your business
    2. Control of your perceptions is essential for wellness
    3. The 4th secret to perseverance is your belief system is linked to wellness
  5. Perseverance is achieved through self-evaluation
    1. Seven ways perseverance is demonstrated
    2. Your values are your tools for perseverance
    3. The 5th secret to perseverance is learning is constant
  6. Perseverance demands an internal reference frame
    1. Perseverance requires you to stop revolving and start evolving
    2. Perseverance requires moving from an external to an internal reference
    3. The 6th secret to perseverance is it creates gratitude, certainty and love of your life as it is, right now
  7. Conclusions
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