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The Elite MBA CV

Executive Impact

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This book fundamentally realigns your approach to job hunting and differentiating yourself through the managerial CV to create executive impact.
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This e-book received 6,500 downloads in its first launch month in 2014. It fundamentally realigns your approach to job hunting and differentiating yourself through the managerial CV to create executive impact.

You will create a compelling case for why you are the right person for the right role at the right time for the business. Additionally, you will be clear how you can create a multiplying value add benefit for your line manager, team and organisation.

  1. Aims of the e-book
    1. Key questions asked
  2. Introduction: When good isn’t good enough
    1. Accelerated Learning
    2. Online CV templates
    3. The confidence paradox & how to build it
  3. Breaking CV myths
  4. Who to trust? Perceptions of CV advice
    1. Questions to ask mentors & advisors
  5. How to hunt
    1. Onboarding (your first 100 days in the job)
    2. A predictable crisis
    3. Career switching: multiple changes?
    4. Recruitment consultants
    5. Become attractive to recruitment consultants by
    6. Common errors
  6. Market intelligence
    1. Reading job descriptions
    2. Competency categories
  7. MindSet: Is yours?
    1. Something is missing
    2. Doing and being
  8. Executive impact: Exercise
    1. Part 1: Getting to the core of the job
    2. Part 2: How much poison is in the chalice?
    3. Part 3: What kind of hero is expected?
    4. Part 4: What does a super hero look like?
  9. Achievements: The components
    1. What are competencies? And, how do you make use of them?
    2. Too long?
    3. Are competencies enough of a match to create a winning CV?
  10. Competent and capable?
    1. What are capabilities?
    2. Capabilities & sector/function change cover letters
    3. How to discover & express capabilities
  11. Achievements: Interlocking components
    1. Questions to consider when reviewing past achievements
    2. The RHO model: Role, How & Outcome
    3. Familiar models: STAR & CAR
    4. Variations to RHO
  12. Profile: The short story
    1. What if my new profile feels odd?
  13. Switching careers
    1. Meeting the expected offer
    2. Meeting the additional offer
    3. Change, choice and principles
  14. When not to use a CV
    1. The painkiller introduction
    2. When not to use your CV
    3. Five common cover letter traps
  15. Cover letter structure
    1. Compelling?
    2. Examples
    3. Content of a cover letter
    4. Motivation & network
    5. ‘How can you meet my needs?’
    6. Aligned: A match made in heaven?
    7. Instant credibility loss
  16. Impact checklist
    1. Application considerations
    2. CV impact checklist: What messages are you giving out?
  17. More questions?
  18. Conclusion
  19. Appendix examples
Perfect stuff to read for everyday and future use.
This title works well for MBAs in the US.
This is the "go to" reference for a great and compelling CV/resume. The best summary you will find of the evidence needed to focus upon your career brand, purpose and marketing yourself & career effectively.
Crucial in explaining what you need to do when creating your CV. Excellent tool towards creating a marketable CV.
Excelent book. I´ll recomend it.
I think it is a copy any graduate should own.
This book is very helpful when writing a CV.
Finally a CV book for people with experience! Really thought provoking, thanks.
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Peter Fennah

Career background: I first worked as an occupational psychologist in the public sector before working as a management consultant and coach with FTSE 100 companies engaged in organisational change. I became Director of Careers at a top business school before the age of 30, transformed the delivery model achieving the highest and fastest MBA employment rate of any top one-year MBA programme, reaching 7th in the world for MBA placement success (FT) and assisting in creating the No 1 EMBA for ‘aims achieved’ (Economist). In leaving a legacy of integrated personal, career and leadership development, commonly cited as a best practice benchmark, I continue to work with global business schools, companies and individuals as founding Director of Career Synergy Ltd, a consultancy providing career and leadership transition training and executive coaching services.

Professional background: Chartered and Registered Occupational Psychologist holding two Masters in Psychology. Accredited executive coach with the Association of Executive Coaches & Supervisors (APECS). Former Co Chairman and Fellow of the Association of Career Professionals International UK; Founding Board Member and Legacy Fellow of the Career Development Institute; Founding Member of the Association of Business Psychologists; Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society; Founding Member of the Special Group in Coaching Psychology (SGCP) and former Co-Chair of the Cambridge SGCP.