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The Art of Interview Skills

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This book will inform and inspire you to shine at interviews.
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We spend a large part of our lives working, so the more enjoyable your work is, the more you will enjoy life! The Art of interview skills will help you think creatively as well as practically to prepare for interviews. So, whether you are a new graduate entering the workplace for the first time, an experienced worker facing redundancy as part of an organisational restructure or thinking of applying for a promotion in your current job; this book will inform and inspire you to shine at interviews.

  1. Introduction
    1. How to get the most from this book
    2. What to have to hand when reading this book
    3. You get what you focus on
    4. Where to start?
  2. Keys to Success
    1. Confidence the essential ingredient
    2. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!
    3. Creating the right state
  3. Preparing the key ingredients that contribute towards your Interview success
    1. How to get an interview with a winning CV
    2. An example of a concise, skills focused CV
  4. Make it easy and get organised!
    1. Project – Your interview
    2. Further research to assist your interview preparation
    3. The Informal Visit
  5. Preparing for your Interview
    1. The competency based interview
    2. The job specification
    3. Matching your skills to the job requirements
    4. Why this approach works
  6. Allowing yourself to shine!
    1. A common mistake that leads to an unsuccessful interview
    2. Changing the focus to feel more comfortable
    3. The internal candidate – make no assumptions
  7. Fine Tuning
    1. Putting a ding in the Universe
    2. A presentation at an interview is a great opportunity and your first question
    3. Interview Stress – can you avoid it?
    4. False Evidence Appearing Real
    5. Creating your own future history: Positive mental rehearsal
    6. Beware of Imposter Syndrome
  8. At the interview
    1. Enjoy your interview
    2. Any questions?
    3. Reflect on your interview
  9. References
Very good advice and principles
Simple and refreshing on basic guidelines to prepare for an interview.
I loved the no jargon, practical advice of this book. It was honest and made absolute sense. As well as seasoned job hunters I also think my teenage daughters would really benefit from reading it as they start to apply for jobs. Looking forward to the next book by Fiona Setch.
A very inspiring read, full of positivity and possibilities to work on, full of practical advice and common sense. I would certainly recommend this book to anyone preparing for an interview.
What a great book! It contains so many practical tips combined with inspiring quotations that I defy anyone who is preparing for an interview not to take away at least one invaluable gem!
An excellent resource for those who consider their interview skills to be a little 'rusty'. This is actually more than an interview skills book; it has some great tools to prepare for a range of situations.
Had a great job interview after reading this book. Made me look at things in a completely different way. Thanks Fiona you're brilliant.
An essential read when preparing for an interview. As an HR professional, I will definitely be recommending it as a preparation guide. That, and a fun read too! Well done Fiona.
Practical, funny and confidence boosting. A concise and easy to apply approach. Highly recommended.
Our oldest son is just in the process of job hunting so this arrived at just the right moment. This gets over all the things that, in theory, you know about preparing for an interview, but in practice you get overwhelmed by. Reading felt like a reassuring hand guiding you through a check list to success! And strangely our son paid much more attention to Fiona than us! Thank you!
Great book covering step by step what you need to do to secure your next job. Well written with thoughtful insights and some useful quotations.
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