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Perspectives in Education

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This book containing articles on various topics in the area of education is an attempt to shed light on various aspects of education and will be of interest to educators and educational administrators
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Emergence of digital technology, greater, faster and wider diffusion of knowledge and easier and cheaper access to information have resulted in certain compulsions in the field of education. Learning can no longer be limited to a structured process. We have to move beyond the frontiers of explicit curriculum, institutional learning and time-bound knowledge acquisition. The consequence will be to break the spatial and temporal structures. One of the purposes of education is to produce workers who will take up all kinds of useful work including manual work. We are at the moment standing at the threshold of a revolution – in economy, values and education. There is an increasing focus on attainment of excellence while providing broad-based access to quality education. Articles included in this book shed light on various aspects of education, and will be of interest to educators and educational administrators.

My involvement with educational activities in various capacities – as an educator, administrator and trainer – for over 40 years has strengthened my belief that one of the purposes of education is to produce workers who will take up all kinds of useful work. We are at the moment standing at the threshold of a revolution – in economy, values and education. There is an increasing focus on attainment of excellence while providing broad-based access to quality education.

We can expect that in the changing world order all the dimensions of life will be inevitably affected. It is for the educators and educational institutions to provide settings for the all-round development of the personality of the pupils along with a positive inclination towards an appreciation of cultural heritage, concern for the environment, a creative outlook and a futuristic perspective.

During my long journey on the road to educational adventure, I’ve written some articles and presented papers at various conferences and seminars. This book, which is a collection of some of these articles, is an attempt to share my thoughts and experiences with educators at various levels.

I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Karin Hamilton Jacobsen, Sophie Tergeist and their team at for publishing several of my books on various topics, including this one.

Manmohan Joshi

  1. Education beyond Frontiers
    1. Introduction
    2. Compulsions and consequences
    3. Technology
    4. Life skills education
  2. Futurizing the transaction of curriculum
    1. Context
    2. Curriculum: A Perspective
    3. Curriculum Framework
    4. Transaction of Curriculum
  3. Quality Education
    1. Introduction
    2. Quality education
    3. Curriculum framework
    4. Quality of books/course material
    5. Transaction of curriculum
    6. Reflective teaching
    7. Types of reflection
    8. Activities for development of reflective teaching
    9. How do teachers reflect on their teaching?
  4. Effective Decision Making in School Administration
    1. Introduction
    2. Features
    3. Scope
    4. Purpose
    5. Types
    6. Process
    7. Effective Decision-making
  5. Computer Assisted Learning
    1. Introduction
    2. What is CAL?
    3. Technique of CAL Writing
    4. Types of frames
    5. The Structure of a CAL unit
    6. CAL and future prospects
  6. Computer Assisted Language Learning: Prospects and Challenges
    1. Introduction
    2. Prospects
    3. Challenges
  7. Teaching English to Large Classes of non-native speakers
    1. Introduction
    2. Language-teaching paradigm
  8. Inclusion: Effective Learning Opportunities
    1. Introduction
    2. Setting suitable learning challenges
    3. Catering to pupils’ diverse learning needs
    4. Pupils with special education needs
    5. Pupils with disabilities
    6. Use of language
  9. Studying Children
  10. Choosing a career
    1. Introduction
    2. Getting Started
    3. Stages of career exploration
    4. Whose career is it?
    5. Career Planning – A process
    6. Personal Career Planning
    7. Life planning success
    8. Career Rules
  11. Values (A theoretical analysis of values with focus on social values)
    1. Concept of values
    2. Categories of values
    3. Social values
    4. Value analysis
    5. Value Development
  12. Imparting Value Education at the Middle School Level
    1. Rationale/Objective
    2. Personal values
    3. Community values
    4. Try out
    5. Observation
All the perspectives of a school such as quality, enabling environment, good leadership and management of a principal, child-friendliness, good performance of both teachers and students, etc.
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Manmohan Joshi

Manmohan’s interactive style and unique ability to engage with young as well as not so young has made him a very effective training facilitator. He has conducted a horde of training programmes in India and the Middle East. His deep insight into the culture of his home country – India – and that of the Middle East has made it possible for him to effectively engage audiences. He has also made presentations on various topics at International Conferences under the auspices of UNESCO, and ensured that his practical viewpoints are shared with a wide variety of audience.

Currently a Freelance Training Facilitator, Manmohan has authored several eBooks on Management and Education.

Having worked as Head of several educational and training organisations in India, Kuwait and Oman, he has specialised in training programmes for people in a wide variety of professions. He has also made a Webinar presentation on Personality Development organised by a US-based organisation.

An alumnus of Cambridge International College (UK), Manmohan also holds a Ph.D. in Management, and Masters in Business Management, Education and English.

Manmohan is currently India-based and conducts training programmes for college students, professors and management executives.

Among his other programmes the following are in much demand:

  • Soft Skills

  • Business Communication

  • Leadership & Teambuilding

  • Pedagogy of Teaching at college/school level

  • EMI (English as Medium of Instruction) Skills for college professors

  • Guidance and counselling in educational institutions