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Organize an Event Project

Case Study per the SUKAD CAMMP™ Model

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This eBook (3/7; CAMMP™ Case Studies and Simulation series) includes a full case study of a completed project.
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This eBook (3/7; CAMMP™ Case Studies and Simulation series) includes a full case study of a completed project. The project is a microproject, and it is about organizing an event, which we cover from concept to closure.

The event discussed in this case study was completed in 2014. At the time of the project, CAMMP™ was still per version 2, and this e-book was based on that version, which an earlier version from the current CAMMP™ Version 3. The content includes the feasibility study, requirements document, project management plan, detailed plan, implementation notes and the formal closure of the project including lessons learned.

About the author

Mr. Ajam is the author of ‘The Inheritance, a Story about Friendship, Community, and Project Management’. He is also the author of ‘Redefining the Basics of Project Management’, not yet published. He is a senior executive with close to three decades of outstanding global and practical experience in capital project industries such as engineering, construction, petroleum, utilities and project management. He is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, coach, advisor, consultant, volunteer leader, and project management thought leader.

Mr. Ajam is a co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer for SUKAD Group, a leading project management provider based in Lebanon and with offices in Lebanon and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Mr. Ajam and SUKAD play quite an active role in the project management community through various professional activities that are open to the community members at no cost.

  • Table of Figures
  • Dedication
  • The E-Book Series
  • Section 1: The Project
  1. Project Overview
    1. Introduction
    2. Knowledge Basis
    3. Special Message
    4. E-Book Structure
  • Section 2: Discovery Phase
  1. Concept Stage
    1. Introduction
    2. The Project Brief
    3. Project Justification
    4. Strategic Alignment
    5. Stage Gate 1
  2. Feasibility Stage
    1. Feasibility Study
    2. Stage Gate 2
    3. Project Authorization Document13
    4. Phase Lessons Learned
  • Section 3: Development Phase
  1. Requirements Stage
    1. Project Requirements Document
    2. Stage Gate 3
  2. Strategy Stage
    1. Project Management Plan
    2. Stage Gate 4
  3. Definition Stage
    1. Author Note
    2. The Project Detailed Plan
    3. Stage Gate 5
  • Section 4: Delivery Phase
  1. Implementation Stage
    1. Implementation Summary
  2. Operations Stages
  3. Close Stage
  • Appendices
  • Appendix A: Additional Resources
  • Appendix B: Bibliography
  • End Sections
  • About the author
  • About SUKAD
  • The SUKAD Way™

Mounir A. Ajam

Mounir A. Ajam is a co-founder and CEO of SUKAD Corp. SUKAD Corp is an organization focusing on providing organizational clients with integrated project management services and solutions. Currently, SUKAD is leading the development of a pioneering and innovative cloud-based online solution, the Uruk PPM Platform. For more information about SUKAD, please visit

Mounir is also project management thought leader. He is the leader behind the SUKAD Way for Managing Projects, which include an organization project management solution, project management and product development methodology, and a project success model. These innovative products are the starting point for the Uruk PPM Platform.

Mounir has published numerous e-books, all on project management, with CRC Press (Taylor & Francis) has also published Project Management beyond Waterfall and Agile (related to CAMMP, the SUKAD Way methodology). Further, CRC Press is also publishing Leading Megaprojects, A Tailored Approach.