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Ms Excel Logical and Lookup Functions

Lingua:  English
Logical and Lookup functions are very powerful Microsoft Excel functions, and are frequently used for business analysis purposes. These sought-after functions are covered in great detail in this book.
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The ability to analysis information, show data trends and cross reference information are invaluable skills in the modern workplace. There are function areas in Microsoft Excel, namely Logical and Lookup Functions, which are designed to effectively perform these types of tasks. This book covers in a step-by-step manner the use of Logical and Lookup functions as well as explaining how and why these functions are used. There are many useful Logical and Lookup Functions covered in this book including, Vlookup, Hlookup, Xlookup, Match and Index, IF, And, Or, Not and Nested Logical Functions.

About the Author

My name is Richard Giles Walters, and I am a qualified teacher (Cert/Ed) with vast experience of training Microsoft (MS) Office applications. I deliver both classroom and online training in MS Office applications, including MS Excel and MS Project. I am an experienced MS Office book author and I look forward to writing books as a BookBoon author, to further develop my writing skills and experience. I am a qualified Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Expert and I constantly look at ways to develop my own skills in the use of MS Office, to enhance my own training methods.

  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  1. What is a Lookup Function
    1. Different types of Lookup Functions
    2. Lookup Functions and Cell Referencing
    3. Lookup Functions and Named Ranges
    4. The Vlookup Function
    5. The Hlookup Function
    6. Vlookup and Hlookup “Table Array” Design Requirements
    7. The Xlookup Function
    8. The Match Function
    9. The Index Function (Array)
    10. Combining the Match and Index (Array) Functions
  2. What is a Logical Function
    1. Different types of Logical Functions
    2. The IF Function
    3. The AND Function
    4. The OR Function
    5. The NOT Function
    6. Nested IF Functions
    7. Nested Functions IF/AND/OR/NOT
  • Table of Figures

Richard Giles Walters