Micro Talk: Learning and Development Insights

Interview with Max Yoder

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In this Expert Talk, Nat Schooler interviews Max Yoder on what it takes to provide quality training.
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People buy from me because I am connected, informed and trusted; providing senior management unbiased guidance for technology focused business process improvement and methodology.

Special interests include AI, IoT, Cloud Computing, SaaS, Security, Blockchain, ERP and HR systems.



Bookboon Micro Talks are 5 to 15-minute lessons aimed at listeners who are eager to take in knowledge quickly and efficiently. These Talks are presented powerfully and to the point. Listen in to learn new skills and apply them immediately.

This Expert Talk is an interview of Max Yoder and addresses learning and development.

Nathaniel Schooler - an engaging interviewer, writer and trusted adviser. IBM Futurist and LinkedIn Power Profile Award Winner.
He interviews amazing experts. People who have started, built and been part of some of the largest brands in the world and made a huge impact.
Prior experience taught him business communication is about real world relationships, (avoiding techno speak and meaningless jargon).