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Managing Distractions

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If you feel time challenged, listen for ideas and tips to get back on track. We explore aspects of time, clarify your main distractions, and provide a focus to plan and prioritise.
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Do you have demands on your time, is it hard to stick to your priorities and keep focused? We explore styles of work linked to personality types and how to tune into our body clock. We uncover personal distractions, traps and habits, stopping us getting tasks done. We consider ways to plan and prioritise key tasks, focusing on urgent and important tasks, tackling our least favourite tasks first, and uncover the 80/20 principle to be effective and efficient. To take control of our time, we explore meeting options, using break times, and effectively using time between tasks to make positive changes. 

About the Author

Gillian specialises in personal development and well-being. Her background covers nursing, midwifery, health visiting. Her experience includes working in the Australian outback with the Flying Doctor Service. Gillian has a Masters Degree in Exercise and Health Sciences, and is a master practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She established Health Circles 21 years ago and trains in Energy and Well-being, Mind Mapping and Speed Reading. She is an author and trainer and teaches Pilates Exercise to create healthier minds and bodies.