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Keeping Your Energy High

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10m 50s
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The audio track provides help on how to manage your energy levels and give them a boost.
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It’s clear that having high energy levels is important. Setting goals and having ambition in your professional and personal life is inspiring to others, and it gives meaning and structure to your life.

To reach your targets, however, you need to have enough mental and physical energy and find ways to remain passionate about what you do.

Having more energy also means you can achieve a work-life balance and have energy left over to follow your passions after the workday is done.

Let’s look more into how to manage your energy levels and give them a boost.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the three key pillars for maintaining your physical energy
  • Learn about the psychological factors that can boost your mental energy
  • Learn how to stay motivated and moving towards your long-term goals

Aimed At:

  • Anybody who finds themselves feeling tired at work, and who has goals and ambitions which require high energy levels.


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