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How to Manage Conflict between Team Members

Roxana Radulescu
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Yes, conflict between team members can happen. And the problem is, it affects not just their productivity, but also everyone else's on the team.
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Conflict between two team members can be tricky, if not addressed the right way and at the right time. Add 'virtual environment' to it and you've got yourself a 'spicy recipe' to say the least!

So, let's see what are some ways in which you, as a manager, can intervene. And let’s also look at when you need to, or don't need to, intervene. Making the decision of whether or not a conflict needs your intervention is an important skill to build for anyone leading a team.

About the author

Roxana Radulescu is the Founder of All Personal, a bespoke training, coaching and consulting company, the first Canadian Partner Organization to The Game-Changing Index®!

Roxana helps corporate, small businesses and non-profit organizations build game-changing teams and cultures!

She is a TEDx speaker, master coach, facilitator, online course designer and certified GCologist®. She teaches Workplace Communication at York University and College Boreal in Toronto.