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How to Excel Through Self-Development

Taking Charge of Your Career and Your Life

Lingua:  English
Everything from choosing courses that are right for you to how to excel in school work, study, writing exams, managing stress, memorizing information and managing time.
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This book is directed at people in the workforce, managers and staff alike, who want to further their career through continuous learning.

Self-development is a lifelong process, which not only propels you along a career path, but also can sharpen your mind, improve brain health, and extend your active lifespan. How to excel through self-development will help you to determine your current needs, set goals, plan your career, and excel in your studies while keeping your busy life in balance.

It covers everything from performing a self-assessment and choosing courses that are right for you to how to excel at school work, study, write exams, manage stress, memorize information and manage time. It concludes with 75 tips for students at all levels.

  1. Know where you want to go
    1. Take charge of your career
    2. Excel in your present job
    3. Your future starts now
    4. The basics of goal-setting
  2. Plan your self-development
    1. Aim for quality, not quantity
    2. Your personal needs analysis
    3. Distance education is on the increase
    4. Develop skills over your lifetime
    5. Selecting your courses
    6. Selecting the training organization
  3. Optimize the learning process
    1. Have a growth mindset
    2. Develop a strategy
    3. Coping with the information explosion
    4. Keep up with the times
    5. Technology is having an impact on learning
    6. Maximize your personal energy
  4. Enhance your classroom experience
    1. Plan ahead
    2. Be a good listener
    3. Take good notes
    4. Organize your note-taking
    5. Reviewing your notes
    6. Don’t avoid the coffee break
    7. Don’t stifle those yawns
  5. Develop good study habits
    1. Use your brain’s associative powers
    2. Best study methods
    3. The best time to study
    4. The best place to study
    5. Avoid fatigue
    6. Doing research online
    7. Don’t put off those term assignments
    8. Don’t always study sitting down
  6. Write your exams with confidence
    1. Attend the classes
    2. Get a head start
    3. Learning requires repetition, rest and review
    4. Your approach to the exam is important
    5. Know your terms
  7. Manage your time for results
    1. Plan and schedule
    2. Life involves a series of choices
    3. Time management laws and principles
    4. Get an early start
    5. Utilize any idle time
  8. Make the most of your memory
    1. Get the information into long-term memory
    2. Boost your power of recall
    3. The story-telling technique of remembering
  9. Don’t buckle under pressure
    1. Stress makes learning difficult
    2. Recognizing stress
    3. Avoid burnout
    4. Relieving stress
  10. Summary of strategies for students
    1. Manage your time
    2. Maximize your classroom experience
    3. How to study
    4. Improve your memory and recall
    5. Writing exams