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How to Build Trust and Respect in the Workplace

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This book explains how to build trust & respect into an organization, resulting in higher productivity, improved morale, and a healthy, successful and profitable company.
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To succeed in your leadership role, you must work with and through others, including your employees, peers, and superiors. This involves focusing on others and gaining their trust and respect by connecting with them one on one. People are interested in the person who is interested in them. You cannot command trust or respect. You earn it by the way you treat others. In this book, you will learn how performance, productivity, and passion in the workplace are by-products of how you relate to others, and how you can build a culture of trust in your organization.

About the Author

Harold Taylor, owner of, and past president of Harold Taylor Time Consultants Ltd. has been conducting management training programs for over 40 years. He has written over 20 hardcover books, 38 eBooks for Bookboon, and over 300 articles for various magazines. Harold previously held management positions in industry for 12 years at Canadian Johns Manville and American-Standard and was a teaching master in the business division of Humber College in Toronto for 8 years. An entrepreneur for over 40 years, he incorporated four companies during that time.

  • About the author
  • Introduction
  1. The importance of trust and respect
    1. Definition of trust and respect
    2. Trust versus respect
    3. The need for trust
    4. Benefits of trust
    5. The importance of good leadership
    6. The need to confront
  2. Connection builds trust
    1. Connecting with people
    2. Effective listening
    3. Use your eyes as well as your ears
    4. Empathy improves communication
    5. Empathy versus compassion
    6. Verbal acts of kindness
    7. Know when to say no
  3. Trust is a two-way street
    1. To be trusted, you must first trust
    2. How to delegate successfully
    3. Performance appraisals
    4. Keep trust in mind
    5. With trust comes responsibility
  4. Character traits that gain trust
    1. Character and its components
    2. Generosity
    3. Positivity
    4. Gratitude
    5. Smile and your brain smiles with you
  • Conclusion
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