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Handbook of Inspiration Economy

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This first Handbook on Inspiration Economy comes in a time where the world is changing very fast in terms of its speed, challenges, development and opportunities..
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This first Handbook on Inspiration Economy comes in a time where the world is changing very fast in terms of its speed, challenges, development and opportunities. The author and founder of the concept, Dr Mohamed Buheji, discusses first the history of inspiration, then inspiration as an important life asset, away from being a supernatural source. Then, the characteristics of inspiration creator are explored in detail. This handbook also sets a reference between inspiration from perspiration to creativity and innovation. Levels of 'Inspiration Cultures' is followed by how inspiration creates better life insight. Many economic models in relevance to Inspiration are discussed.

  1. Introduction to Handbook of Inspiration Economy
    1. Brief Introduction about Inspiration Economy Handbook
    2. Why a Handbook on Inspiration based Economy?
    3. Economic Systems & Inspiration Economy
    4. What is Inspiration Economy?
    5. History of inspiration
    6. Synopsis of Inspiration Literature
    7. Inspiration as a Supernatural Source
    8. Inspiration Creators (Ibn Khaldun as a model)
    9. Inspiration from Perspiration to Creativity
    10. Relation between Innovation and Inspiration
    11. Levels of Inspiration Cultures
    12. Inspiration and Insight
    13. Future Studies
  2. Demands for an Inspiration Economy
    1. Society Demands & Inspiration
    2. Inspiration and Human Dignity
    3. Inspiration – from Impact to Influence
    4. Need for Socialisation and IE
    5. From Supply to Capacity vs Demand
    6. Inspiration and Quality of Life
    7. Inspiration and Social Cohesion
    8. Market Failure and Social Dilemmas
    9. Role of “Inspiration Assets” in our society today
    10. Restructuring the Economy with Inspiration
    11. ‘Creative Class’ and Inspiration Economy
    12. Full World and Inspiration Economics
    13. Why an Inspiration based Economy is needed?
    14. The Power of Ideas Spill Over
    15. The challenge of Operationalizing Inspiration
    16. Spirit of Inspiration in Research
  3. Foundations & Principles of ‘What is an Inspiration Economy?’
    1. What is Inspiration?
    2. ‘Growth vs Development’ and the Inspiration Economy
    3. Practices of an Inspiration Economy
    4. Psychology and the economy
    5. Inspiration through understanding the Socio-Economy
    6. Social Desirability and Inspiration
    7. Lifelong Learning as a source of Inspiration
    8. Inspiration Economy Mindset
    9. Inspiration Economy vs Social Behaviour
    10. Social Innovation and the Inspiration Economy
    11. Inspiration and Productivity
    12. International Inspiration Economy Programme
    13. The Economics of Inspiration
    14. Youth and students in an Inspiration Economy
    15. Framework of an Inspiration driven economy
  4. Understanding the relations between ‘Economy and Psychology’
    1. Economics and Psychology
    2. Brain Inspirational Activities
    3. The Feeling Economy
    4. Happiness and Inspiration
    5. Economy of Life Satisfaction
    6. Inspiration and Psychology
    7. Inspiration and the Economics of Perfection
    8. Inspiration and the Economics of Wellbeing
    9. Feelings of Inspiring Others
    10. Inspiration vs Established Concepts
    11. Hormones of Inspiration
    12. Economic Approaches and Social Psychology
    13. Inspiration Insight and Positive Affects
  5. Inspiration Economy Enablers
    1. Sources of Inspiration
    2. Inspiration as a process
    3. Between Experience and Inspiration
    4. Humbleness with Objectivity as Secrets of inspiration
    5. Inspiration in Higher Education
    6. Education in an Inspiration Economy
    7. Inspiration through Arts and Humanities
    8. Inspiration through the art of Giving
    9. Inspiration Labs©
    10. Organizational and Business Design and the IE
    11. Inspirational Leadership
    12. Ideation importance to the economy
    13. Evolution of Inspiration Economy
    14. Style of Learning and Inspiration
    15. Inspiration and the ability to Focus
    16. Balanced Life as a source of Inspiration
    17. Inspiration through Empowerment
    18. Positive inspirational policies
    19. Blockages towards inspiration
    20. Inspiration and Lifelong Learning
    21. Inspiration of Women and the Economy
    22. Can Religions be a source of Inspiration?
    23. Sources of Inspiration
    24. Best Inspiration Time – Youth
    25. Appreciative Enquiry as a source of inspiration
    26. Analogical thinking role in an Inspiration Economy
    27. Inspiration Economy and Blooms Thinking
    28. Inspiration out of needs
    29. Role of Lifelong Learning in Inspiration
    30. Inspiration through effective Partnership
    31. Understanding the minds of the inspired
    32. How Smart Organisations Turn on Inspiration
  6. Tools & Instruments of Inspiration Economy
    1. Know what is your Value in the Market?
    2. Inspiration needs a generic Life Plan
    3. Inspiration and Pressure of Life
    4. Towards an Economy that establishes a ‘Quality of Life’
    5. Inspiration Economy – India as an example
    6. Scientific Method’s role in Creating Waves of Inspiration
    7. How to create inspiration?
    8. Inspiration Mentorship
    9. Spirit of Inquiry and Inspiration
    10. Unique Inspiration needs a real challenge
    11. Inspiration before Retirement
    12. National Volunteers Programme and Inspiration
    13. Self-Control and an Inspiration Economy
    14. Inspiration: Moving from Involvement to Engagement
    15. The Art of creating Inspiration
    16. Innovation and Inspiration – ‘eco-systems’
    17. Practicing Inspiration – Seeing the Pig Picture
    18. The ‘Design Thinking’ role in an Inspiration Economy
    19. Measuring Inspirational Learning of Organisations
    20. The Power of Focused Thoughts
    21. Inspiration Economy and Profound Knowledge
    22. Ecoremediations as a source for Inspiration Economy
  7. Characteristics & Measures of an Inspiration Economy
    1. Inspiration as a Motivator
    2. Characteristics of Inspired People
    3. Inspiration as a source of legacy
    4. Inspiration as a process
    5. Synergetic Practices and the Inspiration Process
    6. Between Experience and Inspiration
    7. Humbleness with Objectivity as Secrets of inspiration
    8. Inspiration Economy Global Index
    9. The Inspiration Economy Global Index (IEGI)
    10. The Literacy of Inspiration
    11. Concept and Ideas Generation
    12. Inspiration as a source of influence
    13. Inspiration Economy Indicators
    14. Capturing Moments of Inspiration
    15. Inspiration Forms, Frequency and Intensity
    16. Anatomy of Inspiration
    17. Inspiration Scale
    18. Measures of an Inspiration Economy’s Maturity
    19. Ethics of an Ecological Economy
  8. Outcomes of an Inspiring Economy
    1. Inspired Communities
    2. Inspiration Economy and Agility
    3. Inspiring Organisations
    4. Social Entrepreneurship and an Inspiration Economy
    5. Heritage and Inspiration
    6. Inspiration Shaping Change in Our Societies
    7. Inspiration with Aging Societies
    8. People’s wellbeing and Inspiration performance
    9. Inspiring Governments
    10. Inspiration and Resilience
    11. Benefits of an Inspiration Based Economy
    12. Inspiration leads to Innovation and Creativity
    13. Inspiration’s influence on NPOs
  9. Inspiration Economy and Future Competing Economies
    1. Management of Inspiration Projects and Initiatives
    2. A Holistic Approach and Inspiration
    3. Inspiration and the Transition economy
    4. Inspiration and the Service Economy
    5. Inspiration and the Knowledge Economy
    6. Inspiration and the Learning Economy
    7. Inspiration and the Entrepreneurial Economy
    8. Inspiration and the Homo Economy
    9. Inspiration and the Purple Economy
    10. Inspiration and the Experience Economy
    11. Inspiration, Wellbeing and the Genuine Wealth Economy
    12. Inspiration Economy and Neuroconomy
    13. Inspiration and the Empathetic Economy
    14. Inspiration and Gamification
    15. Inspiration and the Happiness Economy
    16. Inspiration Economy and Future Generations
    17. Inspiration Economy and Holistic thinking
    18. Inspiration and Economic dynamics
    19. Inspiration Programme Initiatives
    20. Capitalising on Inspiration
    21. Future of the Inspiration Economy