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Getting the Balance of Empathy in the Workplace

12m 14s
Lingua:  English
How do you get the balance of empathy right to create a win-win situation for employer and employee? I discuss how to apply empathy in a way that positively impacts the performance of employees.
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Long Summary: Empathy has become a hot topic in the post-pandemic world. With employers’ fight for top talent about to increase, due to the continuing ramifications of the Great Resignation, employers need to find a way to make it work. The benefits of applying it well are clear: higher retention, lower attrition, and more engaged employees. However, empathy is not just about being compassionate. Empathy needs to be infused into the way that employees are managed, to enhance performance. In this episode, I discuss three key ways to ensure that empathy helps to maintain a high performing culture of employees.

About the author

Sara Sabin is a qualified accountant, former start-up founder, and leadership coach. Sara uses neuroscience, positive psychology and cutting edge transformative coaching techniques, to coach leaders, to become more emotional smart, focused and higher performing, and to approach business challenges in a more creative way, so that they are more effective and profitable, ultimately increasing their own and their team’s business and bottom-line impact