Fundamentals of Executive Leadership Coaching

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81 pages
How to unlock your leadership potential by taking your skills to a new level: Gravitas, Values, Vision, People, Change, Being.
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David is an executive leadership and talent development master coach, trainer, speaker and author. He has a solid track record of experience in advanced human capital development. This has included a background of executive, leadership and talent learning and development, business strategy cons


How to take your leadership skills to a new level in a world of ever faster change, complexity and uncertainty. 1. Gravitas - Raising your profile, 2. Values - Your blueprint for results and success, 3. Vision - Creating a shared strategic vision, 4. People - Building powerful relationships, 5. Change - Leading change that sticks, 6. Being (A Way of) - The hero’s journey. It is recommended you read Book I (basics) Before reading this Book II (fundamentals).

About the author

David Norman. Coach. Trainer. Speaker. Author.
David has a solid track record of helping executives develop critical mental skills and abilities enabling them to accomplish extraordinary results. Executive 121 and group coaching intensives. Accelerating leadership, talent, executive and human capital development. Psychologist, engineer, economist, entrepreneur and MindSkills algorithm designer.

  1. About the author
  2. Introduction
  3. Gravitas – Raising your profile 
    1. Stature, Bearing and Presence
    2. Power, Politics and Influence
    3. Power – What Some Experts Say About Power in and Around Organisations
    4. Influence and Persuasion – Cialdini’s Six Principles
    5. Rapport – Connecting with others through behavioural imitation to build trust
  4. Values – Your blueprint for results and success – learning more, faster and deeper 
  5. Vision – Creating a shared strategic vision – aligned with strategy, focus and commitment 
  6. People – Building powerful relationships – through connecting, leading and influencing people 
  7. Change – Leading Change that Sticks – strengthening emotional intelligence, resilience and behaviour change 
    1. Three Kubler-Ross Models of Personal Change
    2. Prochaska’s Model
    3. The Kurt Lewin Model of Personal Change
    4. John Kotter’s Transformation Process
    5. Change Troublesome Past Memories 
  8. Being (A Way of) – The hero’s journey
  9. Bibliography
  10. Appendix 1. Instructions for Following Exercises
  11. Appendix 2. Example – MindSkills Algorithm – How to Improve
  12. Your Self-Image (I of II)

As a secondary school principal I find this book is really inspiring and rejuvenating.
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