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DP Audit Support Tools 2

Data Protection (GDPR) Audit Guide - Part V

Lingua:  English
A set of thirteen additional Data Protection Audit questionnaires to support better DP (GDPR) Audits.
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This book contains a set of 13 additional Data Protection Audit questionnaires to support auditors and managers in executing better audits to improve their implemented GDPR Protection Policies and Procedures.

  1. DPA Tool 10: DP and IT Security Evaluation Questionnaire
  2. DPA Tool 11: Business Office Environment Controls Evaluation Questionnaire
  3. DPA Tool 12: IT Physical and Environmental Evaluation Questionnaire
  4. DPA Tool 13: IT Applications Security Evaluation Questionnaire
  5. DPA Tool 14: Web Site Security Evaluation Questionnaire
  6. DPA Tool 15: IT Application Quality Evaluation Checklist
  7. DPA Tool 16: Personal Data Inventory
  8. DPA Tool 17: Cyber Insurance Evaluation Checklist
  9. DPA Tool 18: HR Cultural Controls Assessment
  10. DPA Tool 19: IT Security Intrusion Response Assessment
  11. DPA Tool 20: Data Sensitivity Protection Assessment
  12. DPA Tool 21: Systems Development Change Controls Assessment
  13. DPA Tool 22: Back-up and Recovery Procedures Assessment

John Kyriazoglou