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Communication in the CSR Context

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This book is an attempt to shed light on the communication process in the CSR context and to establish the link between the communication tools to be used and the engagement process to be developed.
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This book is an attempt to shed light on the communication process in the CSR context and to establish the link between the communication tools to be used and the engagement process to be developed. It provides descriptive approach on how to create communication strategy, how to identify and prioritize stakeholders and when to communicate. Moreover, it discusses in details the factors that can affect the outcome of the communication process whether intrinsic or extrinsic and propose ideas on how to tailor the message according to the different stakeholder interest. Additionally, the book focuses on the tools to be used for CSR communication within the organization and discusses the role of Social Media Network as an effective communication tool.

In the last few years, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), as a management philosophy, has received considerable attention and become an accepted trend that many companies are trying to incorporate within their core businesses. As any management concept, it has to be well planned and communicated in order to achieve its optimum results. This book is about this concept and about the benefits of CSR. It sheds light on how to effectively communicate the CSR programme. It gives the reader the chance to obtain practical information on how to strategize CSR, how to communicate it. It is another attempt in the CSR world that tries to identify the challenges that CSR practitioners may encounter when developing the CSR communication strategy and how to overcome them.

I have tried to give some answers to questions that I have asked and solutions to the problems that I faced when developing my first CSR strategy. Even after assisting my organization to become one of the pioneers and leaders in CSR, both nationally and internationally, I am still learning, and I am honoured to be.

I believe that we live by ethics and we grow by knowledge. This book is a humble attempt from a CSR practitioner who has spent seven years of his successful career, trying to know and understand CSR.

I hope I have.

Dr. Sherif A. Zaki Tehemar

  1. Introduction
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
    1. The Definition
    2. The Benefits
    3. The Implementation
  3. The CSR Communication Framework
    1. The Principles of Communication
    2. CSR Communication Strategy
  4. Internal Communication
    1. Internal Communication Approaches
    2. Most Commonly Used Communication Channels for Employee Engagement
    3. The Benefits
    4. The Challenges
    5. Internal CSR Programmes
    6. The Practice
  5. Social Media & CSR
    1. Social Media Network (SMN)
    2. Types of Social Media Users
    3. SMN & CSR
  6. Examples of Best Practice
    1. Starbucks
    2. TNT
    3. Nestlé
    4. Dr
    5. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital
    6. Unilever
    7. Centrica
  7. References

Dr. Sherif A. Zaki Tehemar

Dr. Sherif is an oral and maxillofacial surgery (OMS) consultant graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, Alexandria Egypt in 1986. He is currently a faculty member of different dental colleges in Egypt and CSR advisor for many companies in the MENA regions. He is a member of several professional organizations and societies related to OMS, Dental Implantology, CSR and Total Quality Management.

Dr. Sherif received extensive trainings and completed several certified courses related to Sustainability Reporting, CSR, Total Quality Management, Leadership, Management, Strategic Planning, Six Sigma and others. He became a lean six sigma green belt certified (Symbios, UK), certified on managerial skills (Crestcom, USA) and certified on Corporate Social Responsibility & Competitiveness by the World Bank Institute. He published several articles, contributed in many conferences-related to CSR & OMS-, national and international, and received many awards throughout his career. He was also nominated for the CSR Leadership Award from the World Marketing Summit (Malaysia-2013).