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Challenging And Reworking Your Inner Critic

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14m 32s
Lingua:  English
In this episode, Beth Hope teaches you to tune into your Inner Critic; challenging them, reworking them and starting to make them constructive rather than destructive.
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Our Inner Critic can wear us down, chip away at our self worth, our authentic confidence and be
destructive. No more! Beth Hope helps you to tune into your Inner Critic, teaching you to
visualise them, challenge them and rework them. Helping you start to control your inner
monologue through stepping back and taking into account logic, evidence and successes. A key
technique for you to take forward to keep making that Inner Critic constructive rather than

About the Author

Beth is an Executive Confidence Coach who helps you strengthen your constructive mindset
and boost your authentic confidence. She has a master’s in Psychology and Neuroscience of
Mental Health, is Mindfulness trained and an MBTI practitioner. Using all of this she brings
evidence-based tools to her work to help you flourish.