C# 6: ADO.NET and Database Applications

Software Development

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170 pages
The book mainly deals with database programming, and how you from C# can write programs that uses a database.
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Poul Klausen er uddannet cand. scient. i matematik fra Aarhus Universitet med speciale i algebraisk topologi. Efter universitetet og et efterfølgende pædagogikum har Poul Klausen primært arbejdet som underviser og det især inden for it uddannelser og gennem de sidste mange år som underviser på d


The book mainly deals with database programming, and how you from C# can write programs that uses a database. The book assumes that the reader has a basic knowledge of databases, but has an appendix which provides a brief introduction to SQL. The book also deals with WPF and data binding related to the design pattern Model-View-ViewModel.

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  • Foreword
  1. Introduction
    1. Contacts
    2. Books
    3. ADO
  2. Database programs
    1. Exercise 1: Find books
    2. Exercise 2: Find persons
    3. Open databases
  3. The basic SQL statements
    1. Parametrized SQL commands
    5. Exercise 3: Zipcodes
    6. Provider independence
  4. WPF and databases
    1. Data binding
    2. Binding two WPF controls
    3. Exercise 4: Bind the background
    4. Binding to an object
    5. A little more about conversion
    6. Exercise 5: Calculate a price
    7. Exercise 6: Calculate a price again
    8. Exercise 7: Bind colors
    9. Binding to a collection
    10. Binding a collection to a single property
    11. Data templates
    12. DataGrid
    13. Exercise 8: The zip codes again
    14. Filtering a DataGrid
    15. Editing a DataGrid
    16. Problem 1: Denmark
    17. MVVM
    18. History people
    19. Problem 2: The world
  5. Disconnected ADO
    2. The adapter
  6. The Entity Framework
    1. Using EF for zip codes
    2. The books database
    3. Maintaining contacts a last time
  7. Final example: Books
    1. The task-formulation
    2. The Database
    3. A prototype
    4. The entity data model
    5. The ViewModel layer
    6. The MainWindow
    7. Publishers, Categories and Authors
    8. Maintenance of books
    9. The search function
    10. The last things
  • Appendix A: SQL
    • The book database
    • SQL data types
    • SQL commands
    • DML commands
    • The SELECT command
    • SQL functions
    • View’s
    • Inner SELECT statements
    • Stored procedures