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A History of the Agile Enterprise

Back to the Future

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The history of the Agile Enterprise, a concept originated 50 years ago in Manufacturing when large enterprises realized that in their quest for perfect quality, they lost the ability to adapt.
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This book is an attempt to present the unknown story of the Agile Enterprise, a concept and term originated in Manufacturing almost 30 years before the publication of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development, when large enterprises realized that in their quest for perfect quality, enterprises lost their ability to adapt fast and efficient to market changes. It is a practitioner’s view, from the imperfect ‘shopfloor’ often very different from the perfect Agile presented in conferences and training courses. dedicated to the people that were not afraid to take risks, make mistakes doing what was never done before, to uncover better way of developing products.

About the Author

Dan is an experienced Project Manager with over 35 years commercial experience. He started his career as a specialist in Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) following his involvement in research during university studies. After a successful career in research when he also published articles and books on various topics, mainly Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing and Computer Graphics he managed large development teams and then moved to Project Management and is now specialized in Business Transformations Projects.

  • About the author
  • Preface
  1. The Agile Enterprise
    1. Agile vs Lean
    2. Team vs Enterprise in Agile
    3. Predictive vs Adaptive Delivery
  2. The history of Lean and Agile
    1. Ancestry (before 20th Century)
    2. Childhood 1900-1960
    3. Adolescence (1960-2000)
    4. Maturity (after 2000)
    5. What’s Next
  3. The Road to the Agile Enterprise
    1. Customer Centric or Product Centric?
    2. From Pyramid to shape shifting
  4. Agile - Revolution or Evolution
    1. Agile for all; What if they don’t want it?
    2. Agile Transformation; Is the tail wagging the dog?
  5. Scaling Agile
    1. Scaling Up or Scaling Down?
    2. Risk and Change Management
  6. Conclusion

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