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4 Steps to Career Success

The new career transition workbook

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For many of us, a career feels like something that happens to us, and we simply get by. But there are techniques you can apply to help you do more than just get by.
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A 5 minute internet search or a visit to a reputable bookshop will provide an overwhelming number of self-development and career change books and resources. The great majority of them are excellent in themselves but there is now little that is new.

I decided to write this book when I realised that, when helping clients, they needed to go to a range of different sources to cover what I regard as the fundamental success factors in job search or change.

I have set out to bring together these fundamentals in a four step process that puts you rather than the process at the heart of the matter.

- What really matters to you.

- What you ideally want to do.

- What works best for you in finding that ideal.

- How to look after yourself during a challenging journey.

In difficult economic times we too often have to settle for job opportunities that are not ideal. I cannot promise to always avoid that but I passionately believe we should start the search with the aim to do much better than “be able to pay the mortgage“. Only by setting our sights higher can we hope to achieve success.

This book is written primarily to help those seeking employment job change although if you are contemplating setting up your own business and becoming self-employed the fundamentals are the same although some of the detail may need to be adapted.

By concentrating on what you need and providing a practical workbook approach I hope I have made a contribution to your success.

Best wishes,

Michaela Partridge

  • Preface
  • About the Author
  • About Work’s A Dream
  1. Introduction
    1. Your journey comprises 4 Steps
  2. Step 1 Delving
    1. What are personal values?
    2. Why think about your personal values?
    3. Defining your personal values
    4. Workout 1: identify your personal values
    5. Honouring your personal values
    6. Feed your passions and interests
    7. Workout 2: capture your passions and interests
    8. Work with your personality
    9. Play to your strengths
    10. Workout 3: capture your strengths
    11. Key points from Step 1: Delving
  3. Step 2 Imagining
    1. Workout 4: letter to myself
    2. Workout 5: creating “idea pools”
    3. Workout 6: ideal organisations
    4. Workout 7: creating a vision board
    5. The story so far
    6. Workout 8: what have I learnt?
    7. Workout 9: what are my options?
    8. Key Points from Step 2: Imagining
  4. Step 3 Realising
    1. Prioritising
    2. Workout 10: my top 3 paid work options are...
    3. Reality check
    4. Workout 11: dissecting your options
    5. Review and reflect
    6. Visualising your future
    7. Workout 12: create a compelling vision
    8. Plan! Plan! Plan!
    9. Action Planning
    10. Workout 13: my action plan
    11. Key points from Step 3: Realising
  5. Step 4 Caring
    1. Facing the fear of change
    2. Challenging limiting beliefs
    3. Workout 14: turning around negative beliefs
    4. Improving confidence
    5. Workout 15: Existing confidence and improvements
    6. Beating the blues and staying motivated
    7. Workout 16: access your motivation
    8. Make the best of your 168 hours
    9. Tricks that keep you in control
    10. Gold Time
    11. Workout 17: your Gold Time
    12. Eat that frog!
    13. Most important things
    14. Does this make the boat go faster?
    15. Stop procrastinating
    16. Workout 18: 5 steps to beat procrastination
    17. Mindset matters
    18. Overcome set-backs
    19. Workout 19: get to the root of the matter
    20. 10 tips to keep you on track:
    21. Move forward
    22. Self-care really matters
    23. 4 self-care strategies to keep stress levels in check
    24. Workout 20: self-care plan
    25. Key points from Step 4: Caring
  6. A Final Word
  7. Resources
    1. Books
    2. Online
    3. Career coaching
    4. Research
What I love about this book is that it has its own way of putting you into the situation and you feel motivated afterwards. Great job!
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Michaela Partridge