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Your Business Idea

The Intr@preneur’s Guide to Planning & Sharing Your New Idea

Langue:  English
How to plan, document & share your new business idea.
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More than ever, stakeholders and shareholders are becoming more demanding, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to get buy-in, backing or support for a new business idea. This book will introduce you to some key questions and concepts to consider for you to summarise your new business idea succinctly so that it stacks up and persuasively communicates to stakeholders and investors exactly what you will offer (and need).

About the Author

Fraser Hay is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, marketing consultant and coach and founder of pragmatic and practical approach to identifying and addressing marketing and entrepreneurial challenges has enabled owners, managers, and founders from over 40 countries around the globe to start and grow their business.A professional keynote speaker who has presented on 3 continents, Fraser shares his 20 years of wisdom to help readers to identify and pursue and achieve their goals and objectives.

  • About The Author
  • Introduction
  • PART I
  1. Reasons for launching a NEW Business Idea
  2. How to Confirm an Opportunity Exists
  3. 10 Steps to finding something to sell online.
  4. Creating a Name & Slogan for Your New Idea
  5. 49 Musts of H@ppeneurs & Intr@preneurs
    1. You must activate your “Mind switch”
    2. You must have a Plan
    3. You must take responsibility
    4. You must fire in your belly
    5. You must have faith in your abilities
    6. You must keep a diary
    7. You must break bad habits
    8. You must research, research, research
    9. You must focus on what customers will “Get”
    10. You must learn to delegate (or automate)
    11. You must identify the root cause of your problems
    12. You must be prepared for the lessons, and learn “often”
    13. You must be enthusiastic about what you offer
    14. You must not lose sight of your goals
    15. You must stop the complaining
    16. You must realise that the value is in the lessons
    17. You must set your KPIs and monitor your progress
    18. You must make doing business with you both professional & fun
    19. You must learn to ask for help, guidance, and support
    20. You must learn to give before you can get
    21. You must learn to think BIG and see the big picture
    22. You must become more productive
    23. You must learn to rationalise and become a realist
    24. You must learn to appreciate life
    25. You must avoid unrealistic expectation
    26. You must do the right marketing
    27. You must change your circumstances
    28. You must thank those who help you
    29. You must develop a thirst for knowledge
    30. You must master the D +B + E = R formula
    31. You must win hearts and minds
    32. You must become a h@ppeneur®
    33. You must question all the time
    34. You must keep on point, on form and on fire
    35. You must keep increasing the value you offer
    36. You must participate in a mastermind group
    37. You must develop your values and good habits
    38. You may generate engagement, but you must close the sale
    39. You must plan your costs and create a budget
    40. You must get out and stay out of debt
    41. You must systemise everything you do
    42. You must test new ways of doing things online
    43. You must keep it lean
    44. You must be prepared to get it wrong (sometimes)
    45. You must recognise your biggest enemies - Ignorance, Apathy, and fear
    46. You must master new skills & talents
    47. You must stop making excuses
    48. You must raise your standards
    49. You must view marketing as an investment and not a cost
  • PART II – Your NEW Business Idea
  1. Real Problems You Solve
  2. Customer Avatar
  3. Revenue Streams
  4. Routes to Market
  5. Resources Required
  6. ROI Required
  7. Required Steps
  8. Summarise Your Idea Now
  • One Last Thing…
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Fraser Hay