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Workplace Mentoring From a Distance

The Art of Mentoring Effectively via Remote Technology

Langue:  English
Workplace Mentoring has become a key component to the overall onboarding and development of staff. This concise guide outlines how to serve effectively as a workplace mentor via remote technology.
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Mentoring has fast become a commonly used tool towards developing staff. It allows for the sharing of knowledge across people and teams as well as strengthening relationships across a business. Mentoring provides a cost-effective approach to tailoring support for an individual’s unique requirements and learning style. For even the most experienced of us, serving as a workplace mentor from a distance is a very unique challenge. This book aims to outline some of the key challenges and outline strategies to overcome them. When used effectively, remote technology can facilitate effective mentoring, ensuring it remains as effective as face-to-face mentoring. Outlined in this concise guide, are tips and suggestions to facilitate effective mentoring, that is executed via remote technology. Remote mentoring need not lack anything compared to its face-to-face equivalent, this guide ensures it doesn’t.

About the Author

The Author is Sunny Patel, a former Teacher, Trainer, Curriculum Manager and Senior Manager. Most recently Sunny was a Senior Curriculum Manager for an international Software House in London a role he left to begin his own Coaching Business. During his managerial career, Sunny has led teams of Trainers, mentored Junior Trainers and Trainee Teachers, and managed Instructional Designers across the globe with the aim being to launch, manage and maintain high quality Training courses and materials. Much of this has been at a distance and remotely. He is now a Certified Life and Career Coach who works independently Coaching Professionals through purpose-centric life and career changes.

  • About the Author
  • Overview
  1. Introduction
    1. What is Mentoring?
    2. What Mentoring Isn’t
    3. The challenges of Mentoring from a Distance
    4. Clear and Effective Communication
  2. The importance of Objectives
    1. Why we need Objectives
    2. How to set Objectives
    3. Logging Objectives
  3. The importance of managing Yourself
    1. Preparing for meetings and Reviews
    2. Reviewing the previous Session
    3. Setting clear Intentions
    4. Achieve the perfect walk-away Feeling
  4. Being Organised
    1. Leading by Example
    2. Tools and Systems
  5. The virtual open Door
    1. Checking-in
  6. Reviewing
    1. Review sessions and Frequency
    2. Review the Reviews
    3. Obtaining summative Feedback
  7. When things go Wrong
    1. Feeding Back
    2. The importance of Accountability
  8. A sample Approach
  9. Summary and Conclusion
  10. References
A propos de l'auteur

Sunny Patel