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Why Feedback Matters

Interview With Global Business Expert Nicolas Babin

15m 10s
Langue:  English
Why does feedback matter? It's a very important component of a relationship. Whether friends, family or co-workers, we all need feedback to grow and to know we are on the right track.
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Why does feedback matter? The benefits of feedback are huge! Without it how can you and the people around you improve? Seasoned business expert Nicolas Babin (ex-Head of Sony Europe) digs deep here and answers these questions and more: What are the benefits of feedback? Why is it so important that we give and receive positive as well as negative feedback?How can one learn to accept criticism constructively, while also learning how to give constructive criticism in a way that doesn't hurt people? Without feedback you restrict personal growth for you and your team, strengthen your relationships and level up here!

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Nat Schooler