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Wealth and Mental Health

The Manager’s Guide to Optimizing Both

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This book will help you save money, increase productivity and profits, as well as create a happy, healthy and high performing culture in your organisation.
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As a manager you need to be comfortable having discussions about mental health and recognise you will often be the first port of call when a colleague wants to raise an issue. Senior leaders and line managers play distinct and crucial roles in creating a healthy workplace. The organisation’s ability to reap the benefit of its investment in this area will be undermined if either management group is not fully on board.It is imperative therefore, to take a proactive approach, create the right climate to encourage open discussion about stress, and forge pathways for working in partnership with your team.                                                                 The organisation’s wellbeing framework needs to assess the main risks to people’s health, have robust support measures and solutions, as well as focus on prevention.Within your management role you may overlook the fact that the health and wealth of your company is in your hands. Overwhelming evidence supports that healthy and happy workers are more productive, resilient, and innovative. Is the wealth of your organisation slipping through your fingers? This book will ensure that does not happen.

About the author

Hansa Pankhania writes books and offers Consultancy, Training and Coaching to help you become stress-free and successful. She is also a motivational speaker.Her mission is to reach out to individuals and organisations and help people feel peaceful, relaxed and productive.Hansa says‘’I hate to see organisations where people are not fulfilling their purpose and potential due to stress. It is not that hard. It starts with very small changes to turn it around for you. There are some very simple concepts and exercises that you can integrate into your busy routine which will help you to remain stress-free and very successful."Hansa has been helping stressed people and organisations for 30 years. She has worked with over 200 companies and countless individuals. (approx. 30, 000 client hours) so her interventions are well tried and tested.She has a national and international team of experts who advice managers on how to manage stress especially stress risk within the workplace. In addition to stress and resilience training they also provide leadership and personal development, from small companies up to multinationals, increasing their profitability and cost effectiveness.As an Author, at present Hansa is in the process of publishing a trilogy of children’s books which introduce natural stress relief tips.

  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  • Part one: The health and wealth of your organisation
  1. Causes of stress at work
  2. Your legal duty to address mental health and stress
  3. How to make stress risk assessments
  4. Management styles and stress
  5. Reducing relationship conflicts
  6. Supporting and protecting lone workers
  7. How to manage suicidal employees
  8. Managing autism in the workplace
  9. CIPD Recommendations for wellbeing
  10. What do the statistics say?
  11. Case studies
  • Part two: Coping with your own stress
  1. Indicators of stress
  2. Adaptive and maladaptive behaviours
  3. Meditation for managers
  4. Other natural coping techniques
  • Summary
  • Appendices
  • Further resources
  • Acknowledgements
  • Other books by Hansa Pankhania
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