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Using LinkedIn as a Business Tool

Social Presence, Social Networking, Social Engagement

Langue:  English
This book provides basic guidance of using LinkedIn as a Business Tool, focused on your business or career goals. We discuss building a LinkedIn Profile, a LinkedIn Network, and Engaging on LinkedIn.
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LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking site. When you understand how to use LinkedIn properly you can achieve your business and/or career goals more quickly. In this book, we discuss the following key areas of using LinkedIn as a Business Tool: Building a Professional LinkedIn Profile focused on your target audience. Developing a highly relevant LinkedIn Network relevant to your business or career. And, Creating a Professional Reputation on LinkedIn through relevant and purposefully executed content sharing and engagement.

About the Author

Teddy Burriss is a LinkedIn Strategist, Trainer & Coach. Since late 2009 Teddy Burriss has been using his Sandler Sales Training, Dale Carnegie Coaching, DDI Leadership Facilitator skills, Social Media Strategist Certification, and over 25 years of networking experiences to guide business professionals in the best practices of using LinkedIn as a Business Tool. Teddy has trained 1000s of business professionals on the power of using LinkedIn as a Business Tool and helps sales teams large and small across the globe.

  • Author Page
  1. Building a Professional LinkedIn Profile
  2. Define your Target Audience
  3. Know your Keywords & Phrases
  4. Entering Edit Mode
  5. Your LinkedIn Profile Banner Image
  6. Intro Box
    1. Your Profile Picture
    2. Your Headline
    3. Current Position
    4. Education
    5. Country, ZIP Code, and Location
    6. Name Pronunciation
    7. #OpenToWork
    8. Showcase Services Box
  7. About Section
  8. Featured Section
  9. Background Section
    1. Work Experience Section
    2. Education Section
    3. Volunteer Section
    4. Licenses & Certifications
  10. Featured Skills & Endorsements
  11. Recommendations Section
  12. Accomplishments Section
    1. Publications Section
    2. Courses
    3. Projects
    4. Honors and Awards
    5. Patents
    6. Test Scores
    7. Languages
    8. Organizations
    9. Interests
    10. Other languages
  13. PSA (Pay Serious Attention)
  14. Summary
  15. Building a Relevant LinkedIn Network
  16. Using LinkedIn Search
  17. Finding People on LinkedIn
    1. Use the LinkedIn Search Box (possible CUL impact)
    2. Peruse Your LinkedIn 1st Level Network’s Connections (CUL impact)
    3. Discover LinkedIn Members in your Groups
    4. Search a Company’s Employee Listing (CUL impact)
    5. Use the Search Filters(CUL impact)
    6. LinkedIn’s Recommended for you
  18. Getting Introduced to a LinkedIn Member
  19. Sending LinkedIn Invitations
  20. Manage all LinkedIn Invitations
  21. Bulk LinkedIn Invitations
  22. Accepting LinkedIn Invitations
  23. Evaluating a LinkedIn Connection Request
  24. Initial Engagement After Connecting on LinkedIn
  25. PSA: Pay Serious Attention
  26. Connect Regularly
  27. My Business Card Process
  28. Summary
  29. Engaging on LinkedIn
  30. Why should you invest time engaging on LinkedIn?
  31. Contributing
  32. Where to Contribute on LinkedIn
    1. Status Update
    2. LinkedIn Articles
    3. Group Discussions
    4. LinkedIn Company Page
    5. LinkedIn Messages
  33. Types of Content to Contribute on LinkedIn
    1. Your Original Content
    2. Your Connections Content
    3. Third-Party Content
  34. Collaborating on LinkedIn
    1. Like Content
    2. Comment on Content
    3. Share Content
  35. Connecting Your Network
  36. Other Ways to Engage on LinkedIn
  37. Summary
  38. Guide Summary
  39. Connect with Us
  40. Addendum #1
  41. Addendum #2
A propos de l'auteur

Teddy Burriss